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Celeb Slim advice

Hi all,
Brand new to this and also to Celebrity Slim. End of my 5th day and today was the first day I had felt genuinely hungry. At the moment I am not 100% with everything, still just feeling a bit bloated and tired.
Any advice from those of you who have been on longer? I really want this to work and don't expect results yet just worried I am not doing it right but I am genuinely sticking to the sachets and snacks....
Bit of a general one really.

Hope you are all doing really well with your successes!
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Hi Steph,

i am sure you are doing ab fab. I am enjoying it so far although I must admit I was thinking about food a bit more yesterday. I have lost 10lbs this week so what I would say is stick in...you will get a pleasant surprise. my weightloss has spurred me on for another week.


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I read on another post for the CD diet (which seems fairly similar apart from not being more severe) that 'the more you drink the more you shrink' so I am going to try to bear that motto in mind & drink more.
that quote isn't correct though. Just make sure you drink what is recommended and more if thirsty :)

Hope the hunger subsides for you shortly.
I was really good at the water thing the first 3 days too - 2-3l each day but it was the past couple I've not had as much, harder when not at work I think I had bottles at my desk so used that as a bit of a target of what to drink. Back to work tomorrow I guess!!

That's brilliant about all of your weight loss and encouragement. I really want this to work and like you guys I like the easiness - I would be rubbish at making 3 healthy meals so focusing on one is much easier and I never have time for breakfast so the shake at my desk is great. All my workmates have been really supportive too so that's spurring me on.

What about snacks? I am not great with fruit, well the ones allowed anyway so have been sticking with 1/2 an apple most snack days or the cheese. Any other ideas. I find the books don't tell you a lot, my friend is doing Weight Watchers and has a lot more advice so I am never really sure what I am allowed....

Thanks again and well done!
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im drinking diet orange or sparking water when i get hungry that seems to be keeping the hunger away for a bit and if i am still hungry i get roasted nuts and just nibble on them


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im drinking diet orange or sparking water when i get hungry that seems to be keeping the hunger away for a bit and if i am still hungry i get roasted nuts and just nibble on them
Hi Caroline

Bit of advice - not that im the CS police or anything but on week 1 you should limit yourself to 1 diet drink a day and im sure roasted nuts are not allowed.:confused:
S: 14st2.0lb G: 9st0lb
i had one can of diet orange on day 1 and day 4 so not overdoing it on that. But im nearly sure i saw the roasted nuts in the book i got with the starter kit :confused:
hey stephanie your doing brilliant so far by the sounds of it, you could make a wee small salad, (v.small one mind lol) have a tin of the ww flavoured tuna if u like that sort of thing, a slice of ham, a yoghurt though im not exactly sure what kind is the best ive been avoiding them for now. just keep trying to drink the water that might help with the hunger sligtly if only for a while, i have been buying lots of sugar free chewing gum that helps me with the sweet cravings. hope some of this will help u too. thats all my tips so far!! ooooh and green tea! lol

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