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Celebrity big brother


Overweight or undertall?!
Don't think I'll be hooked on this series, where are the celebs lol

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Is that Brian who won it before thats the presenter now?? The Irish guy?


Overweight or undertall?!
yes that's right. couldn't you have kept jedward somewhere in ireland?!! x
We dont want them here!!! You take them! It was your tv show that made them "famous" LOL :p
Whoa... Ok WHOAAA! He is hot hot hot :eek:

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Overweight or undertall?!
I haven't watched it since the launch but i have been away from home last night and tonight so may watch tomorrow night, have I missed anything apart from a semi-naked male model ;) x

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I have loved BB from the very first night of the very first series. Over the years some have been way better than others but they have always been entertaining and compelling. The Celeb ones, too, often even moreso.

I am delighted that Ch 5 have saved the brand for at least one more year and maybe a few. However, this sorry bunch of nobodies don't interest me at all. Kerry Katona is trying desperately. I do feel sorry for her with all her troubles and being bipolar is no joke; my late Mum was, too. But these people are not true celebs in the way that others before them were. They are largely nobodies. With little personality to make them interesting.

I thought Bobby was hot, too, on launch night. Unfortunately he has little to say at the best of times and most of what he does say is, well, not very interesting.

Jedward I agree are a pain but wierdly their daft energy is entertaining the others to such a degree that they are keeping the House from becoming like a funeral home. The atmosphere would be far worse without them capering about and being silly.

I reckon the producers are just waiting, rubbing their hands, for Kerry to finally get too much champers or voddy down her neck and simply have another meltdown. Ratings are all. She is so desperate for the money, as she admitted, that she feels blessed by this opportunity.

Lucien seems a nice enough lad - I had no clue where he sprung from but my friend told me. At 19 he is this year's Kenzie. Some of the other guests seem totally weird choices and all in all I am disappointed, very, so far. But hey it might pick up soon.
i must admit i'm a bit of a BB addict too :)

i have missed a few series over the years due to working but watched them all since i had my daughter and stopped working :D

i didn't think i'd like this year due to the lack of celeb's and having jedward in it as they did my head in on x factor but i must say so far they have seemed reasonably calm and at times a bit funny :) .... i
must say Amy is doing my head in more ! not sure how much of her i can put up with ! !

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