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OK - this might come out as a bit of a ramble but please bear with me there is a point to it honestly!

I get an organic veg box delivered once a fortnight. I love finding things to do with the more unusual vegtables. Anyway after much sole searching I have decided to carry on with the order and try to keep hubby eating healthily and also address some of my problems at the same time. I love cooking and want to be able to get to the point where I can prepare a meal for my friends and still control my own eating IYKWIM.

Anyway - the box this week contains celery and hubby hates the stuff. I on the other hand love it! I have been having a debate with myself all day about wether or not it would be terrible to eat a stick a day with one of my soups?

The devil is saying ; it is extra fibre (having problems down there), it is already in most of soups as an ingredient, you use more calories chewing it than are in it ...blah blah blah...

The angel is saying ; this is just bad thinking, you have no self control, it would be the start of failure, it is just an example of you not wanting to throw food away ....blah blah blah...


Help ?????????????????????????
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My advice would be to forget the celery. Is it really worth risking coming out of ketosis for a stick of celery?
This whole celery thing could get out of control. From that you will think: "that didn't do me any harm, I'll try a carrot" and then a tiny biscuit and then a sausage etc etc. Just don't do it. Rather waste the celery than ruining it all for yourself.
Chances are the celery may not do you any harm, but the whole point about the diet is to be able to fight your demons be it celery or chocolate. Make hubby some :break_diet: vege soup and stick the celery in it. He'll never know.


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I agree with slinky. Don't eat the celery. Put it in the bin if necessary. Abstinenance is an important phase to get through to achieve your goals. The celery is just not worth it.


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Agree - it isn't worth the risk. It's also not just the celery - its the fact that you are crossing the boundary and having food. I think you could get a knock on effect from that. Talk to your counsellor but my advice would be give it away to family, friends, neighbours, anyone !


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As much as I adore celery I have to agree with everyone else on this matter ---- it's room 101 for the celery :(

:wave_cry: Nooo so it is "see ya later celery" ....your are all right of course :D
I agree with everyone - I hate celery but know it is good for you - I grate it into shepherds pie / lasagne / pasta sauce or you soup and then you could freeze them ?

Don't eat - it will be a slippery slope - the best peice of advice I was given was not to cheat. Go for it...........
will add my two pence too ......

Leave the celery, will soon be munching on something else if you let it into your life!

Can you request a smaller veg box or get Celery off the menu?

Failing that what about the compost bin or the soup idea sounds good.


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Sorry but I have to agree with everyone else...


As Supermum says, it IS the slippery slope. It is just your 'crooked thoughts' trying to sabotage your efforts.


You are going to come up this sort of thing again and again, it is best just to ...


... and keep saying no, every time. It is a good idea to make a pan of soup for the family and 'hide' the celery in it. I do that all the time for the kids! What they don't know... hehehe

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