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celevac / methylcellulose?


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did anyone get prescried these before xenical? my doc wants me to try these first as they make u feel full to help with my apetite.. has anyone had any experience of them.. he said he will go with xenical if these dont work but doesnt like prescribing it strait off...
any advice apreciated

nic x
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I`m afraid I`ve never heard of them sorry. Just didn`t want to read & run x


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Just Googled it, and this is what I found on NetDoctor:


How does it work?

Methylcellulose is a type of medicine called a bulking agent. When taken by mouth, it is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but remains in the intestines where it absorbs water. This causes it to swell up and form a gel. This feature of methylcellulose gives it several uses.It's main use is in relieving constipation. When you are constipated, the faeces become abnormally dry and hard and are painful and difficult to expell. Methylcellulose absorbs water so it helps to soften the faeces, and as it swells up in the intestines it increases the volume of the intestinal contents. This stimulates the muscular movement of the gut, which helps to move the stools through the intestines. The full laxative effect may take a few days to develop.Since methylcellulose absorbs water in the gut, it can also be used to treat simple diarrhoea. It absorbs excess water, which decreases the frequency and increases the firmness of watery stools. This is of use in people with ulcerative colitis or diverticular disease.With it's ability to treat constipation and diarrhoea, methylcellulose is also used to control the consistency of faeces in people with a colostomy or ileostomy.Methylcellulose is also used to reduce appetite in obese people who are trying to lose weight. It is taken half an hour before each meal and when hunger pangs are severe. As it swells in the gut it gives a feeling of fullness that helps reduce food intake.
Never heard of it myself!


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isnt this like the reductil? maybe they have renamed it and made it better (i dont know what the reductil did, but it was removed from the market..)


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Hi Kes, you're right in thinking that Reductil was an appetite supressant, but this isn't the same thing.
Reductil was a brain chemical change-thingy, where as it sounds like this actually works its magic in your stomach itself.
I took Reductil for a while, but it did absolutely nothing for me, except to send my blood pressure through the roof! :eek:


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HI were you prescribed these?
I've read 10000 pateint are prescribed them for obesity in the Uk but my doc has said now reductil is gone its xenicol or nothing?
I cant take that so is this right?
thinking I might go back with info of this one if you have it?


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S: 20st11lb C: 10st7lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 10st4lb(49.48%)
Reductil has now been banned in the UK - I was precribed these by my GP, but that was before the ban. They were designed as an appetite suppressant, but I believe that the risk of stroke or heart attack was thought to be too great, and therefore they were banned.

Xenical is the only other weight-loss drug I have been prescribed by my GP. This works by eliminating a third of the fat in each meal you eat, but it is not an appetite suppressant.

These are the only weight-loss prescription drugs that I am aware of, but one of the other members may know more.

Hope this helps :)


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hi mrs N
i was prescribed the pills in original post but tbh they were horrible to take! u had to take 3 before a meal chew them and drink with a pint of luke warm water! i just couldnt stomach them! they literally bulk your tummy so you feel full sooner and therefore appitite surpressed. you can have them prescribed but i see u can buy them without prescription on the internet too. I wouldnt rate them but if you cant take anything else it may be worth discusiin it with your doc
hth nic x
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I tried these about 2 years ago - they're not a prescription only item and are available over the counter at the chemist (although there's nothing stopping your Doctor writing a prescription for them but it's cheaper just to buy them as a prescription costs £7.20). Cost was around £4 for a tub.

They bulk up in your tummy to stop you feeling hungry. They didn't really work for me as my problem wasn't/isn't eating beacuse I'm hungry - I eat because I'm greedy so feeling full had no bearing on whether I ate!
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