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cerazette mini pill

hey hun yeah i used to be on it but it didnt really agree with me. Everyone is different with it tho so it may suit you down to the ground! xx


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Just noticed this thread - I am actually doing SW but was looking for recipe ideas.
I changed to this pill about 10 weeks ago - reason my age, been on the pill for years and had recently had high blood pressure.
Could be a coincidence but I have started to have hot flushes - I am 46 so could be the start of the menopause? Spoke to my GP and she says I could come off it and see, stay on it won't do me any harm so I have decided to see how I go for a further couple of months. Did have a few headaches to start with but these have settled. My sister has used it for years and no problems.


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I'm on it - worse thing was some breakthru bleeding initially but since then no problems. I went back on it because of major period pains, and they have settled down no problem. Give it a proper go and see how you find it.


Hi DD,

I tried it but had continuous 'bovril' bleeding (sorry if TMI:eek:)

Hope it works for you!


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was all looking good until today was on period 8 days ago and now getting dark discharge and im an emotional wreck!!!! all cross ur fingers im not coming on again


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I've been on it for a good few years. Seem to remember having a few headaches at first but only for a couple of weeks!

Until about 6mnts ago they completely stopped my periods but have them back now. Not sure if it was because of the pills or because i was so fat LOL. I've had no probs with them...

everything been fine till now. on second packet had one period 5 days earlier than used too but it was lighter. im just praying that its works. ive had sooo many girlie problems..... just wanna cry
I'm just going back onto Cerezette because if I'd continued with Microgynon I could have had a stroke (scary stuff!!!). I was on it a few years ago and didn't have periods because I was so big, I remember having lots of spotting and that drives me nuts so I hope it's different this time or I swear to God . . . . . ! lol

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