cereal bars that are HO


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Just to update - ryvita don't make those bars any more, but you can have one Weetabix Oaty bar and there are also a few cereal bars from Sainsbury that you have. If you shop there and want the details let me know.


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1 HiFi bar ( mmm...Mint Crunch, Multigrain dipped in devine dark chocolate...Lush!

2 Alpen lights - Chocolate & Orange or Summer Fruits......Lush!


oh yes please , i always shop in sainsburys, i intend to buy new food books as soon as mum comes with my new mag i assume you can still buy them from the mag.... if not i can always pop to a meeting and get them, meetings arnt really my thing. thanks again for info x


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2 Alpen lights - Chocolate & Orange or Summer Fruits......Lush!

That was my breakfast! Actually - that is my breakfast every day (apart from tomorrow as I have just run out :()


Strutting her stuff
S: 17st12lb C: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 7st5lb(41.2%)
Here you go - one of these for a HEB

BGTY apple and blackcurrent
BGTY apricot and peach
BGTY pink grapefruit multigrain
BGTY maple multigrain
BGTY honey, nut, fruit and seed


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Hi Tee247, I've just been on the SW website and they list all the latest cereal bars:- Kelloggs All-Bran honey & oat bar, Sains BYTY Apple/Blackcurrent multigrain probiotic bar, apricot/peach multigrain probiotic bar, maple multigrain probiotic bar, pink grapefruit multigrain probiotic bar, Sains honey nut fruit and seed cereal bar, Something Xtra cranberry & choc cereal bar, Tesco Healthy Living apricot/oat cereal bar, Weetabix oatybar, Asda real strawberry/real apple fruit bar. And of course the old faves Alpen Light bars and SW Hifi bars. Also check out the FoodNews pages in the SW mags- they always flag things up that you'd never know about if you didn't read the mag!! Like the new Dorset Cereals porridge sachets (various flavours)- I haven't seen these in the shops in Swansea yet!X


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I think it's incredible you can have 4 Alpen Light chocolate and fudge bars every day, and still stay syn-free :D


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I love the Sainsburys BGTY Maple cereal bars. They're so sweet and a bargain at 3.5 syns or a HEB.