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  1. Hoping2LoseBig!!

    Hoping2LoseBig!! Well-Known Member

    My brother will be joining me on CD in the new year and we want to have a lil challenge between us...but obv men lose quicker than women (from what i hear).

    Our end dat is march 15th and i said to him he has to lose 3st and i have to 2st...this is from beginning of year!

    Do you think this is a fair deal or shud i make him lose more lol!!
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  3. Chlo

    Chlo Well-Known Member

    Make him lose more..... men seem to lose around 6 to 7 pounds a week on CD (I think), and he is just starting whereas you have been doing it for a while, so his initial losses will be a lot bigger. It won't do him any harm to have a higher target, and you have to give yourself a chance of winning, don't want men to think they can out do us. Good Luck
  4. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Why not ask your CD counsellor's what would be fair, based on height/weight ratio, gender, etc. Or it might be more fair to do a BMI based thing. You have to each lose some many BMI points.


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