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Changed from VLCD 2 Clean healthy eating and exercise

S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Peeps, Ive recently changed from a vlcd diet after loosing 3 stones on it, plus before that i lost 2 stones just cutting down and exercising so altogether i lost 5 stones. but the reason why i went on the vlcd diet was because although i had already lost 2 stones through the gym and cutting down it was too slow and i was being impatient. i started at 16st5 and now im 10st12. Ive got a further 1 stone and half to go, but i really was debating wether to stay on the diet or try and loose that last myself . i was trying to weigh out all the pros and cons staying on the diet and to be honest because i dont have alot fat to lose doing it myself was the healthyiest way plus i feel soo much better and happier when im eating and exercising. i thank lipotrim and exante for not only helping me loose weight but for completly changing my attitude towards food altogether so yes although it was difficult to stick to and some days i was miserable and had mood swings im greatful that now i only eat when im genuinly hungry and that i dont snack at all, or eat any refined carbs such as cakes biscuits sweets i dont have to have it because i dont need it. Im finding i enjoy the foods now which i never did before. and now im really loving my fruits and vegatables. I dont count fat or calories and just eat clean, lean and fresh small portions enough for your body to function on and drink alot of water. and i have never felt this good. the only problem i have which was the reason why i debated between to stick to the diet or started to eat healthy is now although the rest of my body is thin i carry all the weight on my stomache area, My bum and thigh is toned i have a small love handle and my arms just need toning but i have a hanging lower belly fat which really gets me down but my OH said to me that it would go if exercised and it would make my stomach worst if i carried on with the VLCD its not loose skin which im grateful for its more like a beer gut belly that men have that hangs over thier trousers but the difference is its dead soft like baby fat that i can scrunch it up like a piece of paper lol. i wanted to reach my target by xmas day beacause i wanted to fit into a pair of size 8 skinny jeans which goes over my bum and thighs but miles away from fastening up becuase of my gut. But ive learned not to obsess about it and just lower my expectations because the weight loss wont be as fast as when i was on vlcd. But at least now im more lively and energetic and happier with life i guess its the excersise that got me feeling like this. So any tips advice and general conversation is much apreciated guys and girls. My exercise consists of doing my strenght traing 6 days a week for 40 mins in the evening and either my zumba dvds or my ea active 2 on the ps3 in the mornings again 6 days a week. So i guess im going to loose the last myself, in that way i can look after my body, give back of how it lookes after me.
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S: 10st0lb G: 8st0lb
I've been contemplating a VLCD, but I too like the sound of healthy eating plus exercise. I feek better when I exercise, completely happy. How much weight do you have left to loose?

Would you like to buddy up with the challenge to christmas. A stone would be an ideal amount for me. Perhaps we could swap meal ideas, healthy snack ideas and give one another motivation and determination to get that xmas day goal.

I too have a pair of jeans that I really really want to fit into!

What do you think?

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