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Changed from Weightwatchers to Slimmingworld Help??


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Hi everyone im new to minimins looks like a really good site! I have just swapped from ww to sw first couple of days (iknow i should not weigh myself) but scales seem to be going up :sigh: I am stuffing my face with free foods green days. Eating loads of carbs which i have not done for a long time cause of ww can anyone help me stay motivated please :) x x
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also new to the site, but i started sw last june and have lost 2.5 stone since.
dont give up, its early days. i too changed from ww and was astonished with what i was able to eat!!

just want to wish you good luck :)

I'm not doing WW, just trying to do my own thing! I keep myself motivated by making a list of why I am doing this (its on 1st page of my diary!) and reading posts on here and looking at all the before and after pics on success stories.

Pinning a photo of yourself up at your heaviest somewhere at home, or a before and after pic from a magazine..very inspirational!

I set myself mini goals along the way and try to keep busy with a little exercise, including lots of walking, and fast housework ;)... I try to keep busy, it keeps my hands out of the fridge and cupboards :rolleyes:

Have a good day :)

Dont worry about the scales I think a new diet affects your body in different ways. And like you say its probably the extra carbs. It will even itself out though x


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Ah thank you, still going at it :) enjoying slimmingworld (well as far as diets go ha) gonna weigh myself on friday and have set myself 1lb a week target (I must be able to achieve that surely??) wizzaedkel are you still doing sw now? well done everyone you done so well :) Im getting married next year, my dress is hanging in my wardrobe and I have put on over a stone since I got it OMG so need to get back on track.....

Am hoping a fresh start with sw, meeting new peeps on minimins and the thought of having to fork out for another dress will keep me on the straight and narrow hmmmm watch this space :)

hello there i have done both ww and sw but am currently on sw finding it strange that on the EE days you can eat all the potatoes and pasta and free foods, i have been going for 3 weeks now and have lost 8.5lb next weigh in on thursday i really hope this gives you a little bit of motivation, i made the mistake of weighing myself to and they done the same if its your first couple of days try some super foods amazingly filling and boosts weight loss,


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Ah well done that is a great weight loss, think my brain still in points mode, i was well within slimming worlds allowance for the day on a green day however i worked the propoints out and most days its been 50 to 60 points OMG how does it work? I know it does cause I lost on it before. Must admit though ive not been snacking and have not had much junk food as sw encourages to fill up at meals so that must be good.

Good luck with the weigh in, i miss that bit as im doin it at home on my own x


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Oh yeah was stupid enough to try my wedding dress on today oh dear it doesnt even go round my back now :( I seriously gotta get myself together. help !!
I've found with sw if I don't eat enough I don't lose anything, wks when I eat absolutely loads (sometimes using flexible syns) and think I've lost nothing I usually lose the most! I haven't tried doing green or red days tho I stick with extra easy. Hope ur week is still going well ?



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Ah thanks Sue, Im vegetarian so Im always on a green day, I have stuck to it this week wrote everything down and my weigh in was this morning(with myself) and ive put on a 1lb :( Im trying to stay focused and think i will see a better result next week :) How have you been getting on?

Ps i have eaten so much free food!! x
I went on atkins last year (whyohwhy did i do that to myself!) - and lost over 10lb. Then I decided to take a healthier route and join SW for the first time. In my first week I ate what I thought was V healthy, and put on 8lb. I was devestated. But I stuck with it and the week after, lost 6lb! (If only I had stayed every week I might be at target now...lol!)

Anyway my point is, WW is (in my opinion) more restrictive than SW, I mean, you said yourself, your eating 50 PP`s a day!! So your body is just getting used to the extra carbs and processing everything. If you stick at it and give your bod time to regulate you will deffo deffo lose weight on SW, its the bees knees!

I started again today and dont know why I ever stopped.

Anyway chin up, stick at it and good luck. :)


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Thank you Laura that is reassuring to know, I must admit I do feel more satisfied and not snacking in between meals. I think sw also has the potential to put junk food in perspective, Ive not eaten hardly any chocolate or crisps this week and i think the cravings are passing. I never used to have such a sweet tooth. On ww I think I had to much freedom and would eat the wrong foods and have hardly any!

However I did get to gold on WW and it worked for me at the time. Sw is better for me being vegetarian as i live on quorn pasta and rice.

Are you going to the meetings? Im tryin to do it at home first but if not I will join again. So is your weigh in on friday? we can be Friday buddies :) x
Im also doing it at home this time. Got all the new books etc the last time I joined so Im just doing it on my own! Get all the support from image therapy on here ad it saves me £5 a week! I think it will work just as well.

Ooh yay that sounds great, would love to have a buddy for the weigh in! Roll on next fri! :)

I think WW is good, I only ever did it briefly with my mum, I just found it a bit faffy, and I also tended to eat more junk on WW!
But each to there own! I like that theres not much measuring on SW.

Lets do it! :superwoman:


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yeah we can do it :) think it will be nice to have someone to weigh in with. I like not having to weigh anything and not ever running out of food to eat :) What are you having for dinner tonight?

Someone at work told me to make a quiche with no pastry... its in the oven now i will let you know if its nice. I put some cheese and onion in it and might make some slimming word chips and salad or mushy peas.

I was also told to mix quark and low fat fromis frais (1-1 ratio) with lemon juice, lemon rind if you like and sweetner. Whisk it up and chill in fridge its free and supposedly yummy :)
I'm doing ok on sw have lost 10lbs in 8wks which I'm quite pleased with.
I like the sound of the lemon quark. I make the chocolate pudding with quark, fromage frais and cadbury highlight sachets only 0.5 syns and tastes yummy :)


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Thats a really good loss well done :) yummy like the sound of the chocolate one to im gonna go shopping tomoz and make it.

The quiche tasted nice x


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Carbs are something you should only have sparingly like 2 really thin slices of wholemeal bread a day or one pitta. As for veg carbs a 4oz potato.
Greens are very filling along with carrots but asparagus are even better ;-) maybe moreish but okay to eat.
As for meats try only have lean meats and for fish you can ask the fishmonger and explain to him/her that your on a diet and want fish suitable for weighloss oh and once a week try and have one oily fish.
You could even try Asda's Measure Up (shake solution) it's really good and filling and it's only £4 a large tub

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Oooh that sounds yummy...was it? What do you think of Quorn products? I like them but some of them are deceptively synfull!

Tonight for tea I had salmon and veg.. (obv not appealing for you as a veggie!)
Found a recipe for a soup from another member on here, so I gave that a try today for tommorows lunch.... (leek,carrot,peppers,lentils,mixed bean salad,parsnips,canned toms) - boiled until soft then pulsed to a smooth mixture, salt, pepper, 2 oxo cubes - had a little teaspoon - bl**dy lovley!


"Carbs are something you should only have sparingly" - Chiku this is sound advice, but one of the best things about SW- you can eat heaps of carbs and still lose weight! (provided u get the fruit and veg in!) :)


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Yummy that soup sounds very good, Im gonna make a yellow split pea soup tomoz (225g yellow split peas (soak overnight), 1 x onion chopped, 1 x sweet potatoe, 3 x carrots, 2 - 3 stock cubes, 1.5 litres water, cook for about an hour or more and blitz) It is very tasty I got it from You are what you eat cookbook my baby loves it :)

I eat loads of quorn but it has to be the plain quorn (chunks, fillets, mince, sausages, burgers, deli slices, family roast) these are all free and you can replace the meat in your fave recipes with it.

Oooh Ill deffo try that! (be aware it looks brown when you blend it but its really very tasty!) heheh!

Yeah I like quorn Im going to integrate much more of it in my diet now, last time I did SW I had the quorn meatballs, and then found out they were 9 syns!! But I know the mince, sausages etc are free so ill stick with them :)

Have a good weekend!

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