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Changes 4 life??


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Low fat all the way hun honestly! Everything i eat now is low fat even snacks etc and it works xx
Good luck with your refeed.

I'm planning to keep the weight off and hope to stick to a low carb, low fat diet. I'm planning on looking into the GI way of eating and maybe do that.



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low carb, low fat diet...


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low carb, low fat diet...
Same for me :)

Also to appreciate exactly what it is I'm putting into my body & why I'm doing it...

I never buy value food anyway but I believe in quality food but less of it ;)

Sustainable & ethical meat / food is the key :D

I know it may sound daft but I want the animal I eat to have had a good life before I enjoy it :D

Good luck with the refeed btw :D


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Low carb, low GI for me. Like tonight hubby got a chinese and instead of the egg fried rice, I put on a pan of brown rice and had a couple of spoons of that (no chips) and chicken/mushroom on top. LOVELY. I think portion size is important too. I have half the size I used to have before and am completely satisfied (leave it boys...ya know what I mean!!)
I've gone for trying to make healthy choices most of the time without restricting any food groups.... so far so good! xx
good look with your refeed and low carb, low fat is the way to go x

rainbow brite

Well done for coming so far and good luck with refeed :)

I don't think I'll follow a particular plan or anything except to try and stay away from the take-aways etc and generally food that I know is bad for me. The main thing I'm going to do is to completely up my activity levels. I already have slightly and it seems to be doing wonders for me mentally, never mind physically! I'll be going up to the moors for walks some weekends, hopefully cutting out some of my driving and walking instead, going swimming regularly and of course using my trusty cross-trainer. Sounds a bit much but I'm managing some of it now and I'm still a hefty mo-fo - imagine what I'll be able to do once I shift the flabbies!! :D

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