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Changes so far


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Right. I need a kick up the bum to stick to CD :D I'm sure a few other people feel the same and are struggling. So, what changes has losing the weight made to your life so far? Think how far you've already come!

- I've dropped 2 dress sizes and got into a pair of jeans that I couldn't get over my bum when I started!

- I've had to start wearing my engagement and wedding rings on a chain round my neck because they fall off my fingers

- I've cleaned out my wardrobe and given away all my fat clothes - so there is no way I can go back. I have hardly any clothes and it feels GREAT

- I am going on holiday in May and for the first time EVER I am not worried about whether or not I will be able to do up the seatbelt on the plane

Over to you! :D
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Laugh in the face of food
- I've cleaned out my wardrobe and given away all my fat clothes - so there is no way I can go back. I have hardly any clothes and it feels GREAT
I did that too, I kept one pair of fat jeans, which I try on when I'm feeling down and it reminds me how far I've come!! There's no way I was going to spend money on buying bigger clothes so When everything started to get a bit too tight, I had to take action, so I'm back on CD getting back the body!:D


please try again
im down 3 dress sizes and have evacuated the big clothes from my wardrobe

and i apparently come accross as a happier person ( thou to be honest i dont feel happier ) and i seem more at ease when interacting with people
I have dropped 4 sizes ( was a 24 .. 16 now !!) , I feel more confident and look sooo much better .. I put on make up most days when I never bothered before .. and got my hair cut last week for the first time in 3 yrs !!! I can run around after the kids much more and am 'happier' ...'in bed ' ;)
I am the lightest I have been since I was about 15 ( now 32 ) and I feel great .. although as I am so focused on my weight .. what I look like etc I seem to have more 'fat' days than I did when I was 18 stone 8 !!!!! But sure that will go wehen I get to goal :)
I can fit into a pair of jeans that my mil gave me 6 yrs ago when I was 18 and had just got with my boyf! (I am a real horder!!) And now they are starting to feel big! I can also fit into a size 12 (almost) which I havent been able to do since I feel pregnant 5 yrs ago!! My work clothes are like a tent on me! Great feeling!! xx
Way to go girls!!!!! You all have lovely inspiring stories :) :)

Determinator, I too have FAR more fat days now than ever before how mad is that?

Main changes for me: can shop absolutely anywhere now
Can run and run without getting breathless ( major joy! )
People calling me tiny/little and my fave so far 'so dinky' LOL

The best :D
Kept on discovering strange bones that had lain hidden for years
wedding rings now jangle
vegetables sometimes taste too sweet (currently addicted to parsnips)
I look good in a tankini
I can cross my legs under my desk now
Gone from a size 18-20 to a 10-12 in jeans!!


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Ooo yes I can cross my legs now! And I can get out of the bath without struggling.

I am looking forward to dropping another couple of dress sizes down to a 16 so that I can go in any shop and buy off the rail!
I love the changes losing weight has made to my life. I have dropped 7 dress sizes from a size 28 to a size 12/14, I feel physicly fit -running, cycling no probs and not out of breath anymore, clothes shopping is a joy and not a chore and I can go anywhere for them, I can cross my legs, fit in the bath and I can fit into normal spaces like a plane seat etc. Best of all is knowing that I have must have given myself at least another 10 years and I will be around longer for my family. I feel fab and absolutley love being slim and feel so much younger. I will stop drivilling now lol xx.
Great thread- very inspirational!

OMG Zoe-uv done so so well, u lost almost a stone every 3 wks- god i hope im like you lol- did u exercise?

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