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S: 15st9.5lb C: 15st9.5lb G: 11st9.5lb BMI: 33.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi everyone here is a little about me and as i go along i will explain all about my problem.

in 2009 i started slimming world and for 9 weeks i lost weight everyweek i didnt even stay the same! anyway i was about 3 lbs off losing 2st and only had another 7lb to go and i would of been at my target. but as a nice suprise i fell pregnant so of course i left and piled my plus a little more back on. so about 8 weeks after i gave birth i decided to rejoin slimming world which was about july last year. but since then i have got to about 8 lb loss and then gain a little then lost it again and i keep yo yoing. i started off weighing in on a thursday but one week i had a bad week and got weighed a day early on a wednesday. i liked both groups but i think i need a change. as i get to weekend use all or most of my syns then i just want to get weighed. i was thinking of changing to a monday group but i need to make enquiries about a buggy friendly group for my little one. which days do you get weighed on and why does it suit you? im hoping something will click and make me snap out of this rut im in! thanks x
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