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Changing hexb to boost loss

Hi all,

I was getting a bit bored of the same hexb all the time lol and my consultant said she once had different ones and lost good amounts of weight.

I am trying to just swap the b choices this week. Tried bread one day, then porridge, then muesli, tomorrow albran etc etc. Has anyone else had success swapping their choices and getting good losses?
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I have and I find it boosts by a lb or 2 if I am lucky, but I find I need to have my bready HE's at the beginning of the week as that stays in my system longer.
Yeah I am the same, convenience foods for me mainly, I am terrible for that.

My main breakfasts if not mullerlights and fruit, tend to be Weetabix, puffed wheat or porridge oats. So thats my HEA-B there.

But if I have just fruit and yog for brekkie, I tend to have either a packet of ryvita mini's with cottage cheese and chopped up ham after a free soup.

Or a sandwich but trying to cut this bit out :)
Have you tried magic porridge? It's a new one on me but trying to cut out wheat and I find I actually look forward to breakfast now rather than forcing myself to eat it!
i love bread so much so the small slices really dont make up for it for me so i tend to stay away from it alltogether otherwise that would make me feel deprived!!
i just love the alpen light bars though they feel like a real treat to me!!
Yes hun. It's 28grams oats mixed with muller light yoghurt. You mix the oats with the yoghurt in a tuperware bix and leave to stand in fridge overnight. Some people chop fresh.fruit into it in the mornings.

I thought this sounded awful but gave it a try out of intrigue and,I love it! In fact I'm disappointed in mornings,if i've forgotten to make it up. Breakfast has become fun again.

Give it a try! :)
I'm trying to use different HB's this week - fingers crossed it'll make a difference..... will report back on weigh in day :)
I mix up my HExBs a lot, and find that the weeks I do it more, I have better losses.

Some of my favourites are:
*Wholemeal roll
*All bran
*Weetabix or Chocolate Weetabix (not forgetting to add the 2 syns for the choccie ones!)
* Porridge Oats
*Scan/oat bran
*Dark Rye Ryvitas
*Ryvita minis
*Stilton (on a Green Day!)
*Alpen Light bars
*Kelloggs Fibre Plus bars
*Hifi bars
I gained 1/2lb after my healthy extra challenge, but its time of the month so that may be the real reason for the gain!

I'm having another shot at it this week :)
The magic porridge sounds yummy....oat so simple and muller light added to my shopping list.
I have been having weetabix or alpen light bars mixed with muller light this week!!!
Love new ideas :)

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