Changing One Habit A Month: February

Discussion in 'Bring your Head Inside and your Body will Follow' started by Mel.P, 31 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Mel.P

    Mel.P Member

    Would anyone care to join me? I thought that this month, I would tackle the amount of sugar that I eat; so starting tomorrow, I'll log everything that contains it and perhaps it will make me think twice before I stick a biscuit in my mouth without thinking.

    If I can create a good habit every month, my eating habits should be pretty good by the end of the year:).
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  3. Sentinel

    Sentinel Full Member

    I like that idea Mel, For the month of May I'm going to work on losing my fizzy drink addiction I have, to much sugar, and caffeine and it's rotting my teeth and stomach. I need to change it to a good habit, so chilled water with a splash of lemon or herbal tea.
  4. Sentinel

    Sentinel Full Member

    Yay I did it, hmm now I want to try making my work meals the night before instead of being to lazy and buying it :)
  5. maggiemags

    maggiemags Member

    Hi FitGirl

    How's the walking going? HAve you stuck to it?
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