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Changing to a different diet? Please help.

I am considering coming off the Cambridge Diet as cannot manage the fluid intake you neeed to stay healthy....
Would like to go onto Slimming World or Slim Fast - but have been advised that I will put all my weight back on....I really don't want that to happen.
If anyone has swapped please tell me how you did it?
Many thanks,
Sophie xxx

PS - I am aware that Slim Fast is a totally different diet to SS.
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Hi Sophie

If you switch straight from CD to SF or SW you could initially gain a few pounds in glycogen from the increase in carbohydrates but this will settle after the first week and you should start losing again.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Sophie, how long have you been doing CD, and how much water are you 'aiming' to drink? Have you tried the flavouring?
Starlight, your weight loss is amazing, well done!
Thanks, I have been battling with the water for 5 weeks now but this last week I have only managed about 1 litre a day and feel absolutey miserable....
I am certain this week my weight loss will be rubbish (expect 2lb from own scales) and don't want to pay £40 per week for that amount of loss as I know I can achieve that with SW and WW.
If i keep losing good amounts on CD with just 1litre a day would you recommend i continue? The sticky re the need for water worried me.


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy

Do you not drink coffee etc? Or could you get water flavouring and add sparkling water to it?

I struggle with water, but tend to take a 500ml bottle of water to work and keep refilling it. I know that if I drink 6 of them in work then I am OK for the day, if I drink coffee and more water on top even better.

Whatever you decide it has to be best for you and no-one else. Good luck hun with whatever you decide to do...



now got pictures in album
Really sorry to hear its not working out. Well, I've done Slimming World and I lost 3 stone on it and my Granny lost 5 stone on it. Its brilliant I would say and better than Slim fast. Unfortunately though, I stopped doing it and then put all my weight back on, it was back when I was a teenager and not in the right frame of mind. But I would always say to people that Slimming WOrld is an excellent diet.

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