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Charley24-Day 1 To Goal-And Restart Again!


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Hello there, Welcome to My Cambridge Diet, from Day 1 to Goal.

I hope this journey will tell the story of my battle to become a normal healthy weight as well as inspire others and help explain that at times it can be hard, but the results are worth it !!!

1 Day to Go - 17th June 2009.

CDC Came to see me and explained the diet, I had tried CD once before I only lasted until 8pm on Day 1 !

A bit of background ! I am 34 years old, married with 2 daughters aged 9 and 5.

I LOVE Food ! And I am greedy ! I love everything that's bad for me and I have tried every diet going, even slimming pills.

My weight was 17 stone in June 2004 - I am 5'6 so this was aroound 6 stone overweight. How did it get this far ? When did my 14's become 16's, 16's become 18's ?

I lost 4 and a half stone by September 2005 to get married (12 stone 7lbs) by WW.

The following years I went up and down between 12.8 and 14.9, usually by over-eating then a faddy diet. I learnt NOTHING ! I never learnt or understood anything about my weight issues.

Returned to WW and got so despondent with half a pound here and there, when I got annoyed - I ate !!!! Oh you have lost half a pound....well done !
Well Done ? I worked so hard for that ? I am going to have fish and chips in protest !

So I am now the most I have ever been since June 04 - 14 stone 12lbs :(

I am depressed, feel fat, frumpy, unconfident, jealous of my friends. My clothes are tight, I look in the mirror and hate the person I am. If one more person says 'But you have such a pretty face' I think I will stick a poker up their you know what !

I need to do this, my husband said 'I love you just the way you are' I replied 'But I don't love myself'.

I have 21 packs of shakes, soups, porridge.

I said goodbye to carbs tonight by having Pizza and Chips.

This isn't going to be easy, but wow what a forum this is ? If I feel down, I will come and read the posts from forum members, see their results, look in awe at their photos !

Roll on Day 1 !
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Day 1

Strawberry Tetra for Breakfast - Wasn't keen on the aftertaste, I chose some tetra's because I thought they would be good to have at work.

Lunch - Banana Tetra, again I am not overly keen on the taste but I managed to drink it all.

Tea - Cinnamon and Apple Porridge - YUM ! I really really enjoyed this !

Over the course of the day I have drank 4 pints of water, something I haven't found easy but I know how important it is.

I confess to going to bed at 7.30pm as I felt hungry, I knew if I got past 8pm (the time I quit last time) I could survive day 1 !

Oh my Boss brought in homemade cupcakes with icing today - they looked so lovely..........but not as lovely as me at a size 12 !


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Day 2

Well I survived Day 1 - go me !

This morning I had a Banana Tetra, it didn't seem as hard as day 1. Lots of water drinking.

I do feel tired and a bit run down. I also have a horrid clump of spots on my face which seem to be multiplying !!!

For lunch I tried the leek and potato soup which I must say was quite flavoursome and I was pleasantly suprised and how nice it was. My friend at work on the next desk tucked into Chicken Tikka Panini.....I wasn't tempted by it, nor the 2 bags of crisps she ate and a bar of chocolate !

For Tea Butterscotch Shake, which I added hot water too, I imagine it was a cup of tea ! Yum !

I tell you what I find difficult, I smoke and theres nothing nicer than cuppa and a ciggy, so having water is not as lovely, so I am smoking less - can only be a good thing !

Suggested to hubby and kids we should go for a walk along beach for an hour, to keep me away from fridge !

Had a nice night, kids got some chips on way home, I came back, had more water and climbed into bed at 9pm ! (Surely all these early nights will be doing me some good) !


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Day 3

Today I haven't felt too great, but from other posts I can see that Day 3 can be a bit of a menace !

I now have a blender and decided to have a strawberry shake for breakfast - ohhhh how delicious ! I blended it and it made a pint and felt full to the brim !

Went to the library with hubby and kids, going to ebay this afternoon to keep my mind occupied. Need to drink more water as I haven't managed much this morning. I think it's because I am not at work !

I have felt a little 'shaky' and I have a dull headache - caffine withdrawl ???? I usually drink 6/8 cups of tea per day with milk and 2 sugars in each !!!

My Hubby is being so supportive and making all the food for himself and girls. I can smell sausage grilling at the moment - I will resist.

I have survived day 1 and day 2, I won't waste that as I am determined to be the girl I once was !

Tea time - Choc orange shake, hot water and blender - what a combination ! Really enjoyed this.

Have emailed my CDC to ask if I can swap some of the tetra's for shakes, I much prefer the sachets.

Need to try drink some more water tonight, haven't drank 4 litres, probably only 1 and a half - oops !

Well I made chocolate brownies and peppermint creams for hubby with the girls for fathers day. And Sweet French Toast with Bananas and Cinnamon.

It almost killed me ! Went to bed and read for a while, thinking about Dorito's and Wine Gums.
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Day 4

Got up early this morning as we are looking after my 10 week old Niece Heidi for the day as my sister is at a wedding.

Strawberry Shake for Breakfast. I don't feel overly hungry, but I am struggling with the water, it seems CD is easier for me when I am at work !

Hubby is going to make sausage and mash for lunch.........I thought it was supposed to get easier ???

Does the hunger go away after day 4 ? I am back at work tomorrow and hope to be feeling less hungry !

It's funny how everything seems to revolve around food ! I love Come Dine ith Me, had to switch off and watch the news instead ! Every program, advert etc is food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to try soup for lunch - mushroom I think, hope it will be nice !

Wishing everyone a good day, keep your fingers crossed for me as I am wavering !

2pm - I am STARVING ! I want a Cup of Tea - I Want A Pizza !!! Anything Chicken Salad would do !

I thought day 4 was supposed to be the day you felt better :(

Thanks for the comments ladies, I am hanging on by a thread !!!
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is gonna do it!!
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Don't waver, you are doing great!!
I'm also doing CD 100%, in the past, when I done CD, I nibbled on bits of cheese or cold meat, and it does affect your loses, so dont do it!!
Your be so glad you stuck to it 100% when u see your results!
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Please don't waver, it'll be worth it tomorrow when you wake up feeling fabulously strong rather than horribly naughty, stick in there. Look forward to reading your diary tomorrow x


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Don't give up, your doing so well, think of when you get weighed and how much you'll have lost. It'll be worth it and spur you on for the next week ahead. I'm on day 8 and like yourself feel less hungry when busy rather than making sunday dinner for everyone and chilling out around the house :) Good luck xx


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Thanks so much for the replies, I really appreciate it.

It is 8.10pm and I am going to head to bed or else I will give up. The family have just had sausage and mash.........it's so difficult.

Will day 5 be better ? I don't think I could stand 12 weeks of feeling so starved every day.............I feel dreadful !!!!

Will post tomorrow night about how I do on day 5 and thanks again for the support, I keep reading people saying day 4 they feel fantastic and wonder why it's not happening to me???


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Day 6

I can't believe I have made it this far ! Almost a week !

Today was my best day so far, so much easier !!!!

I feel a lot better in myself and thinking actually I CAN do this !

Weigh in Thursday Am - Can't Wait !

I have had 4 shakes today, as my CDC said if I needed them to have them, so I hope it doesn't slow my weightloss, after all they don't have anough carbs to take me out of ketosis and it's only an extra 100 calories.

I think I will be back to 3 tomorrow so only 2 days of having 4 - help me get over the shock !

We have a new kitten today, named Figaro, he is lovely, the girls are so pleased and he is really friendly and easy going, has been snuggled up purring on hubby for the last hour !

Anyways just wanted to check in and hope everyone's day has gone well x


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Day 5

Oops Day 5 seems to have gone !

I had an ok day yesterday, swapped my soups for shakes - yum !

Had a chat with CDC who said I can have 4 if I need to so have done that today.

Feeling a bit better !


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Day 7

Hello !

I am still here and still SSing ! My weigh in is tomorrow (eek) and I am looking forward to hopefully a good loss !

I have felt so good today, I mean my pants are still tight but I have a bit of confidence, if you know what I mean ? I know I can do this!

Shakes for Breakfast and Lunch and a lovely bowl of apple and cinnamon porridge for tea - delish !

Had a cup of white tea today, thanks for the tip which was on the boards, it was pleasant - not tetley with 2 sugars, but a HUGE improvement on green tea - yack and peppermint - ewwww.

All my ebay auctions have ended for all the stuff lying about, to say I am shocked with £300 profit is an understatement !!!!! That will keep me in shakes for a while.

Have the remainder of my holiday balance to pay tomorrow for Disneyland Paris on 27th Sept...here's hoping I can be slim and trim by then !

Anyways, will update tomorrow with my weigh in news !

Hope everyone having a great day !


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Day 8

Well weigh in this morning and 11lbs off ! So pleased with that !

So won't expect a huge loss next week after such a large one, hopefully I can get in the 13's !!

Bit of a harder evening tonight, felt hungry.....wanted to nibble.....but had an extra shake instead to take away the feeling, seems to have worked.

On another note, my shoulder and neck ache hich came on Tuesday has got so much worse :( My doctor has signed me off work for 2 weeks which it's nice to be off but I worry about all my work !!!!

The pain can be sooo bad up my neck, shoulder and back, having physio next week so hopefully that ill help.

Anyways - Roll on Day 9 !

3 Stone to Go Til Goal..........Wish Me Luck !


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Day 9

Well, I need to drink more water !
Only a litre so far today, it's harder not being a work with the ice cold water machine !

Anyways Cappuchino Shake for Brekkie, Toffee and Walnut for lunch and now having my strawberry for tea.

Cooking chicken curry for the troops, and honestly it's torture !!! It's Morrison's Korma and I LOVE it and add mushrooms and spring onion! With Spicy Popadoms, Vegetable Pilau and garlic and coriander naan bread.............groan !

What I wouldn't give.....no no come on, shake is enough remember your goal !

I am just going to sniff it and imagine !

And then drink LOTS of water !!!!!!!!

Hope everyone having a good day !


is gonna do it!!
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Well done Charley you are doing fantastic!!
I know how hard it is when you have to cook for the family, but resist resist resist!!


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Day 10

Wow has it really been 10 days ????

Today I had some shopping to do, post office, argos etc, they DD2 wanted a McDonalds as did Hubby.

Went in to use the loo and they got their burgers etc while I sipped my water !

Shoulder pain quite severe tonight, going to have a hot bath and then maybe pamper myself, helps me stay away from the kitchen !

Feeling consipated so water water water tonight !

Hope everyone is fine, I am looking forward to tasting the bars after weigh in Thursday !!! Also having flavoured water !

Must dash, lots to do xxxxxxxx


2nd time's a charm!!
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5th week in...

Hi Charley,

I'm on my 5th week and things going well so far. You may find that your weight loss will slow down, but you just have to remember - it's still coming off! I was really disheartened on week 3 when I only lost 1lb, but I know why and am doing everything to stop it happening again. I find either filling a small water bottle or a smaller glass makes the water easier for me to drink. Think I'm not so overwhelmed by the amount I have to drink then. I have found I'm no longer groggy in the mornings like I was pre CD. I have already lost 4 inches off my waist and just generally feel better about myself. I'm sure my liver is thanking me too (vodka was my tipple). I can't stomach the shakes, so have the soups and porridge, which I think are yum. Wouldn't have survived without them. Keep up the good work!


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Thanks Cat :)

Oh I worry about slowing down as I have zero patience !!!!

Hopefully if that happens I will be pleased with the tape measure instead of the scales !!!!

Wow Week 5 ! I am only on Week 2 and wanting to eat my own arm at times hahaha !


Back 2 finish my journey
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Hi Charley i started CD around the same time as you i started on the 15th, i've got my 2nd WI tomorrow, i have been 100% SSing aswell and reading your diary is exactly what i'm going through right now. I'm using the plastic water bottles with the sippy lids so that i can sip all day and thats helping as before i know it i've drank a bottle and i'm filling it up again. I have a bit more to loose than you as i started at 19st 5lbs. Best of luck for the rest of your week :)xx


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Hi Debra, I have found the fat evian bottles (2 for £1 in Morrison's at the mo) are the easiest to sip, rather than glug from an open necked bottle.

I just fill up with tap water of course and put in fridge !

A couple of my friends came over today they are doing celebrity slim and complaining there isn't enough to eat (2 shakes, meal in evening) I tried to explain ketosis to them but they say they could never do cambridge........same as I thought.........!

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