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Charley24......Sheepishly Asks To Return.....

Hello All :)
Some of you may remember me as I did CD last year and kept a diary, however it appears to have gone now due to time, which is a shame as I thought it may help me to look back !

Anyways I am here with tail between my legs and I have put the weight back on bar 10lbs.

I am sad, miserable, disguisted.....I ate and ate and ate and since September (11 months I have put on 3 stone 2lbs).

Where did the thin me go? Well let's be honest she enjoyed pizza, curry and all sorts of bad things far too much !

I am going to try again, as in SS and hopefully I can survive again so I am going to start a new diary in the hope it will keep me motivated.

I know it's not easy, but neither is trying to force myself into clothes which are too big and I refuse to have to buy a new wardbobe (I can't afford to either) !

I have another 3 weeks and 4 days off work before I return so I am hoping I can go back to work a little slimmer and also be in the right frame of mind.

So, hello again and I hope to get to know you better, and if any of the oldies are still here, can you help me ! Hello to Emma, Caroline, Shanny, Mrs Essex, Lizz.........:)

Let the journey begin (again) !!!!!!!!!!!
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Heey charley sweetie I'm here Hun, so nice to see you. I so remember reading you diary daily Hun you were on fire with your amazing weightloss
Me and mrsesesx are still here lurking, lol yes you know the crack first 3-4 can be ruff. But you will do it again 11 stones is calling your name charley. Good luck Hun and no disappearing this time lol xx
Hi Charley and welcome back. You've done this before and I'm sure you will do it again. We all love the good things in life food, food and yep more food :sigh: some like me a little too much :D which is why we're here. Good luck with your restart - when is day one?
Hi Shanny, wow, look at you ! I am soo pleased you got to goal :)
I best get my skates on !

Hello Awaken :) Day 1 is today !!!!!!!!! Just having my first chocolate shake, I have lots to keep me busy these next few days so hopefully I can manage ! I have made a new diary in the diary section, after all if I have done it once surely I can do it again !

You weight loss is fantastic !!!!!!!! Well Done :)

Determined head is on, focused and raring to go !



Staff member
Welcome back Charley:welcome2:

Would you like your new diary merged with your old diary, so that you can continue it on from where you left off?

Thank you cmacca for finding the link:)
Welcome Back !!!

We've missed you :D well i was actually off here since bout May an came bk last saturday lol... went on a mad one and came off Cambridge long story but back on SSplus now!! with some weight gain!

oh well onwards & upwards!"!

Glad you back!
Just wanted to say hi to everyone from last Autumn,I will be back Sept' 1st with a very large weight gain-went mad from May,then have got into the well I'm so big so what does it matter frame of mind.
Anyway am honestly excited about returning to ss+ and being a regular back on here,would you believe I am craving my shakes(I do have a large stash in,but for me too expensive to have as a treat amidst my pregnant walrus diet that I am currently on).
I have also missed my lovely cdc.
Anyway good look everyone and look forward to chatting in 3 weeks.
Mrs T x
Hi Charley and welcome back.

I didn't know you from before, but I can sort of relate to what you have been through. I was on Cambridge and doing really well, lost about 4 stone, but came off it because of a health problem. I put most of what I lost back on and only got back on to the diet last week.

Now I am back on it, I realise I should have got back on it way sooner, but I just kept putting it off with pathetic excuses. All in the past now though. The main thing is to put it all behind and move on.

You've taken the biggest steps by getting back on to Cambridge and coming back to Minis. So I look forward to your progress and seeing you around. :D
Hello :)
Thanks CMacca, yes that is my diary !!!!!! I have just read the whole thing, feel more motivated than ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mini I would love my diaries merged if that's possible !

3 shakes down today, feeling ok and going to keep busy tonight so I don't feel tempted !

Thanks for the warm welcome back :) Now to keep being good !!!!!!!!
Just to say...Hi.

Nice to see you, to see you nice.
I can totally relate, tail was between my legs but am back on the plan and lurking around minimins.

Im sure I'll see you around


WILL be Slim!
alright hun!

Back on the wagon myself on sunday (WITH hangover!) as i have a large amount of fat on my ass that has quite literally appeared from nowhere! SHOCKING!

Going to drink myself into a stuper tomorrow night (goodbye fat carefree world), and will be welcoming my 3 shakes a day into my life again on sunday, so we will bloody do it together hun if it kills us!

(ps - i did text you today biatch!!!!!)


Will be slim!!!!!!!
hi charley!

im the same as you, was on cd a couple years ago got slim met my fiancee settled got pregnant the rest is history so ive started again as getting married in 9 weeks! but at least we've made the bold decision to jump back on the wagon and not just accepting ourselves and buying bigger clothes...

we are all strong and can and WILL do it! :) xx

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