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Chars Diary

A week today I commenced on the journey to my new and more thinner life! I joined SW online and to be honest i've had a pretty easy week, i'm sure it will get harder! I am going use this little space of mine to post meals and my general thoughts!

Well i'm up early this morning due to work, so i've had to weigh myself at a silly time of day - after stumbling around in the dark and trying to open my eyes I eventually stepped onto the scales and to my delight i'm -6lbs down!

Now i'm off to work with my lunch box full of cooked veggies and quorn beef. I've not been having many syns this week, but last night I had a craving for chocolate - after reading some posts on here i've ordered some fun size choccie bars and I am sooo looking forward to one tonight with my cuppa tea :)

Week 1 = -6lbs :D
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Difficult day

Hi millux and thanks :) I've been told by a few that a bigger weight loss on the first week is not unexpected, but i'm still chuffed with it :) It's only 6 pounds off altogether but I do feel better for it.

Just had my funsize packet or Maltesers and washing them down with a can of diet coke - it feels so naughty!:eek:

I must admit this is the first time this week that i've struggled just a little. I awoke this morning with a stinking cold and could have easily, when I got home, raided the familys goody drawer. Tesco shopping was delivered just now - lots of tempting things in the kitchin - so I think tonight will be difficult, although I believe I am much more disciplined this time round.

Anyway, for dinner tonight I have had a quick Pasta N Sauce as I don't have any energy left to cook, and I was hungry! I must begin to start writing down what I eat daily, as right now i'm keeping the syns in my head and begining to doubt myself hehe.
Having a poorly day today, woke up this morning and my cold has seemed to turn into the raging flu. Usualy i'd be at work today but i've had to call in. I can't be bothered to make any grand meal like I have been doing. I managed an apple for breakfast (my breakfast was at 11am) :sigh: but I couldn't bare anything earlier. I have just had some beans on toast and may have a baked potato later if I feel like somthing. I'm just not in the mood today.

So far with syns i've had about 2 helpings of a small amount of butter, I must look up the syn value at some point.
I did it!!!!

My biggest downfall in the world is Dominos pizza. My brother and his girlfriend just bought one and they are doing buy one get one free. It's still down in the kitchin, untouched! And after my pasta salad (decided against baked potato tonight) I don't even feel like a slice... or the whole lot :p
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well done! I can't believe you had it sitting in the kitchen with all the smell.. and cheese.. thumbs up!! :D
Well another day not doing much due to this stinking cold, do feel a lot better today though!

Breakfast: Apple
Lunch: Qourn ham roll
Dinner: Sticky coke chiken and salad

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funsize Marsbar

I want to stress how you should all go and try out the diet coke chicken, it's in the recipie sections. It's such a strange things but it's now my new favourite! I rarely have red days but from now on, after trying this recipie, they will be more frequant! Basicaly it's a chicken breast cut up and browned in a pan with frylite. 1 can of diet coke poured in once the chicken is browned off, and a bit of passata in my case. Leave until the coke has dissolved, it should leave a sticky coating on the chicken! It's sort of a bit sweet. I've seen this recipie posted a few times on here, so whoever they were - thank you!
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Well, it's been too long since i've written in here, 3 weeks apparently. I sts last week - I am blaming my * week. I had a sneaky peak the other day for this week and i'd lost 3lbs so far. I do feel as though i've lost alot of weight right now, i've stuck to the plan 100% and really enjoy my evening popcorn snack etc. I've been eating alot of fruit and drinking more to keep me hydrated. I would have thought with the feeling i've lost weight, i'd be on top of the world. But im not. I feel really low, extremely tired and very weak. I don't even feel like eating at the moment.

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