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chatting in chat room


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count me in, i have an hour to spare :)


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Why don't you all have a straw poll, find out a good day and time each week and then meet up in the chat room.
So it would be a Once A Week Meet Up ??????
May i suggest 9pm as a time, when most littl'uns are in bed, but as to a day of the week, I shall leave that to others to suggest.


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Good idea nibbles. We could say mon - thurs at 9pm that way we could all catch up through the week.
That 's a fab idea, but oh what a shame Friday today, shall have to wait til Monday nite.
:eek: Oh no, can't make it 'til next Wednesday.:cry:



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No reason why we cant do Fri night. My OH out fishing so after picking kids up i should be in from nine. I only said Mon-thurs thinking people other than me have a social life! In fact no reason why it cant be every night, theres always someone on.


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Well i'm in tonight, kids in bed by 9pm, so i might be there LOL.
You just need to advertise the gathering????? with a thread title like <<9pm in the Minimins Chat Room>> and quick instructions of how to get there in the post.
Maybe post a new thread in each Cambridge sub-forum ie. Returners , Teams, Maintainers, 100% etc.
Mollydog, what do you reckon????


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sounds like a fab idea ive been there and sat there like billy no mates ha!
Following this thread with interest, Nightnight, oh how i giggled when i read your post. But it's not yet 9pm !!! Go back there in a couple of hours, you may make some friends:wave_cry:


Silver Member
ill be the fat one looking for the chairs with no arms lmao!
Yeah, but if it wasn't for the fat, none of us would be here making forum friends.
Minimins has been my best friend thru CD.
Fab support and got me where i am now.

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