cheaper lipotrim


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You can't buy Lipotrim online, we searched high and low because our nearest Pharmacy that stocks it is 15 miles away... ho hum :(


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I buy my LT from a nearby pharmacy that also sells it online. I'm not saying who it is though *zip* but in answer to your question, no, you can't get it cheaper and if you could I'd be dubious to be honest.

I was just thinking though, maybe Exante would be a good choice for you. If you get the bumper pack its only £25 a week, delivered right to your door. Just a thought x


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I get mine for £36.00 pw. Why are you paying £2.00 more then me?

You would think that the price would be the same everywhere.


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i pay £36 too :)


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wow i feel cheated, i am paying €85 a week, works out at £73, must go buy it in the uk... Does anyone know what men pay in the UK?


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sure ours is only £33 in sheffield uk


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I pay £36 and my hubby pays £45


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Mine cost £48 but I do now there are sometimes coupon offers in Sunday newspapers which can give u up to £10 off for first four weeks...