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  1. i have just cheated with chocolate i feel so down now. but this week i havnt been losing anything now i run the risk of putting on i hate dieting i feel so bad and i dont know what to do please help!
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  3. Wiccan Witch

    Wiccan Witch Full Member

    It's hard not to give in when you crave something. As I said to a friend of mine the other week, don't beat yourself up about it, it will only make you feel worst and possibly give up altogether.
    It's over now, just carry on as you were before ... but most importantly, don't get disheartened because you haven't lost anything - There's always the next week, and I bet you'd find you'd lost in that week.
    Good luck Wednesday13slimmy, it was just a bad day, tomorrow is a whole new day. :)
  4. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    put it straight behind you, whatever you do dont dwell on it as it will make you feel worse and then turn it into a bigger binge. Get straight back on track and get glugging the water......hopefully there wont be too much damage done.

    Dont forget we are only human and we are not perfect all the time so please dont fret and forget about it now.
  5. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

    Drink plenty of water - get back on the packs and put this blip behind you. Derpendant on how much you've had as to whether you've come out of ketosis - but get back on the diet and next week will be a loss!
  6. thanks its just i cant seem to stick and lose weight on any diet and i really hope nothing bad is going to come out of this! i dont understand why i cant just be happy ever it doesnt seem fair.
    i know it seems like im whinging but i dont know what else to do?
  7. poppa134

    poppa134 Full Member

    Drink,drink,drink and drink some more!!!. Don't beat yourself up about it,you've done it now so move on, its in the past. Idid the same thing a few weeks ago,it was totm and I caved in,my son have left 1/2 a bar of choccie in the fridge, I was a bit peed off about something and lo and behold,before I knew it I'd eaten it! But rather than in previous diets where I'd think s*d it I've blown it now, I guzzled the water, brushed myself off and carried on (and still had a loss that week. Its a blip,it happens to the best of us, so put it behind you and you'll be fine.

    Nikki x

    SARAHP Silver Member

    Ive just had a hot dog at the circus, I took a bar with me but forgot it was in my pocket and it melted so I gave in. Im just forgeting about it now though and know tomorrow is another day and will be 100% ss with tons of water. Good luck you can get past this just dont let 1 blip ruin everything for you Sarahxx.
  9. i feel so bad ive eaten more and i just feel so unhappy y am i doing this to myself?
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  10. dawntinkler34

    dawntinkler34 Water Baby

    Hey hon,

    look we are all in the same boat and have probably been in your position many many times. Turn your chatterbox off and focus on something else rather that food, diet, water etc. Read a book, paint your nails wash your hair!! Anything to take the focus away. If all else fails go to bed and put the day behind you and start afresh tomorrow. Just remember this is normal, do not keep beating yourself up, you will only make it worse. I too have nibbled today and find its only when i'm bored but hopefully i'm learning each day and getting stronger.

    Keep going its worth it hon.


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