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cheated also chest pains?


i love minimins me :)
i gave up :cry: i have ate and drank everything in site since wed, everyday i was going to re-start and then something happened like an argument with the b/f and al my uni work etc then it was kayleighs hen night (which was fab) i was goin to start again today but its my nans birthday, everyone is goin out for a meal and i wasnt going to go, but sayin as tho i am off the wagon i feel i should go now, but as of tomorrow i am stickin to ss and exercise 100% till goal now, i am soooo angry at myself and feel i have let everyone and myself down, i am terrified to weigh myself, how much roughly will i have put in?

one good thing i have learned is how full i get so quickly, i can only managed around a 1/3 of wat i used to

i need to do this i am unhappy that i am fat, and more unhappy that i have cheated

sorry i needed to tell everyone so i can face my stupid problem instead of hiding them

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*BIG HUGS* I totally agree..stop beating youself now...we're all only human and we cant be perfect all the time...
Draw a line under it and begin again...new day new start...
You can do it! :)


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Oh Stacey,I know how you feel :hug99: I did the same thing last night:mad:But this morning,I'm back on track,guzzling the water,etc.,don't get down over it,you'll be back on track before you know it,you are doing great remember!:wavey:

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:hug99: Awwww Stacey, please don't say you hate yourself it's such as strong word. Focus on how well you've done upto now.....

As misdee said draw a line_____________ hun & move on, don't forget we're all here to support you....xxxx


i love minimins me :)
today was day 1 i lasted till tea time n then all my mates deicded they wanted to go out so i went out tonight for drinks so had to have food, am soooo annoyed at myself

if i dont manage to start properly tomorrow i dont know what i will do :(

also problem..... on the few day i had off n tonight also, i kep gettin chest pains n they hurt so so much but they wear off after a lil while, i dunno how to describe it but my whole insides ache and i start crying, it happened tonight while i was out to so i jus stuck with water, has this happened to anyone else? or does anyone know wat it is , obv i know food is causin it


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Hi Stacey

It might be stress because you have got yourself wound up (when i really stressed sometimes i get a tightness under my left breast & down my side, i've spoke to my GP had test but nothing has showed up!), if it doesn't go away or gets any worst go & see your GP, just to check yourself out!

I know you're not feeling great at the moment but did you enjoy yourself whilst you were out tonight?...xxx


i love minimins me :)
ah thanks hun, :)

yea have had a nice time will being off seen lots of friends i aint seen in a while n stuff :) really wanna getbk on track,i can n will do it :)



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Hi Stacey. Best to get those pains checked out by the doctor, just to be on the safe side. Hope you are back on track again now hun.
Hi Stacey,
Stop beating yourself up ... you are human! I'd get the pains checked out though - sure it's nothing but worth a check I think!
Set yourself a goal - realistic and not too far away eg to lose a stone for end of June ... promise yourself a treat when you get there. THEN MOVE ON !!!!!!


i love minimins me :)
thanks everyone

gonna go and see the uni nurse tomorrow :)

hey aussiebug, its terrible aint it, once am in ketosis i will be ok! am thinkin of askin my mam if i can move bk to hers for a few days till i get back on track, its to easy to cheat when i am here



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Hope your ok

I've had plenty of bad days, trouble with me is that my bad day turns into bad day(s), they then turn into a week, the week turn into week(s) and I was meant to re-start In Feb! So dont make same mistakes as me. A bad day can be merely that - dont use it as an excuse like I did. I know accept that a bad decision is just that. You must draw a line under it and move on or you'll beat yourself into a pulp over it all. Always look at how far you have come and leave the past bad days firmly in the past.

I wish I'd been firmer with myself & repeatly spoke about how angry was with myself but it didnt actually help me just made me all the more despondant - which in my world was another excuse to eat!

Big hugs to you............. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Awww stacey, i'm so sorry that you are feeling this way at the moment. Try to stay positive and think ahead. This diet is so difficult and you are so strong to have stayed on it for so long. At some point the need for food does overwhelm us and we may cheat but like everyone has said, you are only human.

I have been so tempted to cheat too. My subway cravings are through the roof, lol.

If you are having trouble with getting back onto SS straight away, why dont you try reducuing what you eat over the week and then get onto ss at the end of the week. Thats what i would probably do.

We are all here for you :)

I will try to get onto MSN tonight if you want to chat.

xx :)


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Not 2 worry hun (you are doing well) I have not got an idea if your exams finished yet?? If so you don't have an excuse so stat now otherwise wait till you finish uni so the stress will go over.

best of luck

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