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Extra Easy cheated last night

I drank loads of wine and ate a large slice of Pavlova last night. I really enjoyed it (bit of a hangover today:)) BUT I don't feel like I cheated so I don't feel guilty. Toady I am back on plan. It is all up to how you look at it. For me, if I spent the next few days trying to make up for it, I would start to feel deprived, then rebellious, then it would go wrong from there. Hope this helps. Xx


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I drank loads of wine too lol also 3 courses!! Was a fancy restaurant with a set menu, portions wernt massive but still xx


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I went out for my Birthday last night, I knew I was going so I've reduced my syns the rest of the week. I'm staying syn free today and tomorrow (WI on Tuesday) but I do have some low syn things in so if I really feel like I need something I will have upto 5 syns just so I don't feel deprived


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I agree with the above posters, Dont deprive yourself o your syns, just go easy on them for a couple of days, Like try to stay at the lower end of the 'syn scale' for a few days then get right back on track!! :)


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I had my birthday night out last night (apparently this weekend is quite popular for birthdays) and had a big meal and looooads of wine, I genuinely couldn't count the number of glasses.
I'm carrying on as normal, today I had 14 syns but I'll probably try to stick within 10 for the rest of the week.


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In some ways I don't think it matters.

I had one of those nights the weekend before last. Got very drunk indeed and ate appropriately drunken food to go with it.

When I eventually got home the next night every fibre of my being was screaming at me to order a curry and start again tomorrow but I didn't.

I carried on as normal and took the hit (4 lbs :-o ). Sets me back a few weeks but it's not like I haven't got another year or so to go.

The real killer is when you write of the rest of the day/week/month just because you've had one bad day.
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Make sure to drink loads more water than you think you need if you're hungover. Otherwise, just draw a line and get back on plan.

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