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Cheated pretty bad . . .

Dont know why I have done it. Have got back on track so far today but want to eat . .

Friday came back from my weigh in of losing 1 lbs (whihc is a stone in 3 weeks)

But I started eating my meal bar and couldn't stop ended up having 3 Friday night.

Saturday woke up had a meal bar then another and carried on through the day.

The same thing happened Sunday, but I ran out of meal bars. OH wanted something from asda and I ended up buying a pack of small micro wave pizza (cheese only) and a milkshake.

I feel like I have got it out of my system but now I am short on meal bars for the week. And I am too embarressed to go back and tell her what I have done.

I havent told OH so felt the need to offload.


A very disappointed Kellybeeb
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kelly u can do it again and it will come off quickly. dont worry just drink lots of water


going to do it!!!!
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ahhh hun, dont worry you are only human and it happens to all of us. youve done fab on your weight loss so far so you know you can do it again and whats a few extra bars lol:)
im sure your cdc will not be bothered in the slightest if you ask for more bars.
good luck and dont let this little blip get you down, big hugs to you cos i know how you feel xxx


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Hang in there hon and dont beat yourself up.. Your doing great. We all have off days.
Ring your cdc and ask her for more products, It really would not be a problem to me if someone rings and asks for extra. If you are finding you are too tempted having the bars around then perhaps go for some more shakes or soups!
Are you drinking plenty of water too.
Hang in there xxx


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I have occasionally had to have an extra bit of bar too. At least it's better than going totally off the rails.
I would call you CDC and ask for more packs so that you can still eat properly the rest of the week but most of all, don't kick yourself over it. Just drink the water and get back on track! :)


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I have that prob with the bars, I have had to limit them as in the last month or so I will eat them for every meal until they are gone.... not great as they have the same effect as beans!!!! Anyway my counsellor now has instructions to not sell me more than 2, so they are my WI treat... and still I will eat both of them in the same night.

I never used to have this problem, it is a new thing.


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I did similar this week with peanuts! i cant be trusted near them, and my son left half an open packet... well you can guess what happened!
I get straight back on it next day and did feel guilty, but drank lots of water and put it behind me. Everyone has 'blips' its human!! and after not eating for a while its possibly a bit of curiosity mixed in!
i also have 'bar issues!' and regularly want more than one!
I would definitely contact CDC, theyre very understanding!

Good luck, you CAN do it! dont beat yourself up... every day is a challenge, and it feels good to get through each day!


Why Be Normal?
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It is probably missing the physical part of eating (your craving and consuming the bars). I agree with everyone else on this thread -- drink your water, get back on the plan, contact your counsellor (its his/her job to help you), and you might consider not getting any bars at all-- or only buying two, so you do not have the temptation close at hand. You'll be okay.
And, congrats on the stone off -- that is awesome! And, a pound off is still a move in the right direction.

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please try again
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erm while 3 bars a day isnt a good idea i wouldnt say you cheated badly hun, i would list the things ive cheated on in the past but you would pass out with shock, lol
that goes dito for me too. what about trying the tetras instead (just thought if you were using the bars for work) they aren't half as nice as the thought of raming a chocolate bar or 3 down your neck. keep going though it will be worth it like everyone keeps saying..

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