Cheating averted

Feeling rather down, hungry and surrounded by people eating delicious smelling food at work i decided to spend my lunchbreak walking around the lovely shops at Canary Wharf. After half an hour of looking at clothes that i cant currently fit into i have decided that the best thing for me to do is to stop feeling so sorry for myself and to crack on with this diet. The sooner i stick to it, the sooner i can wear some nice slinky designer dress. Normally i come away from shoppng feeling depressed that i couldnt get what i actually wanted or happy that i have found something that fits and doesnt make me feel like i'm wearing a kaftan!
i'm back at my desk now and i've had a soup and some water and i have been trying to visualise myself wearing a little black dress at the work Christmas do. I'm not sure if this is going to help anyone, but i just thought i'd share my positive experience.
The sooner i stick to it, the sooner i can wear some nice slinky designer dress.


Well done

Yep, I can go with that, cant wait for a new dress at christmas, think i may put some money away every week now to save up.
Well done on your positive thoughts x
That's the thought that keeps me going. Members of my LL group have tried to give me tips on how best to cheat without doing too much damage.

They are the ones that haven't lost very much and I am on course to have lost 4 1/2 stone in 100 days (stone more than the cheaters).

I have no desire to do this crazy diet for any longer than I have to so I have seized the moment and nothing will get in the way of my ssing until I reach my goal and can start learning to eat again.

At that point I think I will be in big trouble and leaning on my minimin buddies for support :eek:
Good idea - I'm trying to visualise myself looking good in my cossie at centreparcs in November.

Cheating is not an option for me now - i dont want to do this any longer than I have to!!!