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Cheating thought...

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Hi all!
Can people please help me here,
I've been reading of people breaking LT for just once in a blue moon for a day or meal, I've also been reading of people eating just meat-atkins style.
Since reading this, it has been on my mind all the time!! Nearly like planning a "slip" just for the sake of it of it wont effect my weight loss, so can you all pleeeeeez tell me whet you know so I can either get it out of my head and carry on happily or have a little slip myself.


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well I broke it last saturday -but let me tell you -while I enjoyed it at the time -this whole week has found me a nervous wreck! and headaches all over again - and then tomorrow i wont have lost much if any. And now my determination is no where near what it was. I'm already thinkn I'm not going to last. it is sooooo not worth it. please please dont. You already know yourself you'll regret it. GO look at your skinny clothes and keep motivated. I wont crack if you don't - hows that for a guilt trip?! ;)
S: 19st9lb
It's a deal!! We'll be a strong united front to the LT beast!!
It's war and we'll win! Oh hope you get on great with your weigh in tomorrow! Make sure to post and let me know!

Thanks so much for your reply:)
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I surely will -I'll be on here as soon as I get back home! I'll be keeping an eye on you now lol
I did slip after my 1st weigh in. had the flap jacks and were so awful that i was hungry. Tb
tb honest really didnt enjoy it cuz the whole time i was eatin i felt guilty. Day after i was so bloated my stomach actually hurt, so its really not worth cheatin. Stick to it. it has made me stronger and now i know the consequnces. so i def wont b doin that again. we can only learn from our own mistakes.
good luck.xx


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It's definitely NOT worth it Daisy. I've been reading the posts too and even tho they follow the Atkins and it doesn't reflect in some people weight loss putting all that aside I think you would do the most damage to your motivation. And that is priceless. Because once u start 'slipping' u have to be really strong not to do it again.

You're doing great as is Daisy - stick to it. Stay focused. You have the rest of u're life to eat protein so just hang in there w LT a little longer.....:)


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Yes some people can cheat in a good way and in a bad way and still loose every week, but I think it makes the diet harder in the long run. I cheated last time, sometimes good sometimes bad, but it taught me a hard lesson, ill never do it again. I started again this week heavier than when i started. What a waste of a year. I stick with my "I wish i had never cheated last time" quote!

If you can, don't. It will only make your rewards and slimness come quicker! Good Luck with whatever you choose :0)


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i agree with everyone elses posts..dont do it..think of how far youve already come in the last two weeks....besides if you did slip up do you think youd be able to ignore any weight gain and be able to start again or just give up..i know which id probably do if i did it and dislike myself for it :)

h xx
S: 19st9lb
Aww thanks for your replies everyone.
I agree with you all just reading so much of it made me feel like I was missing out, but even if other peopel can do it I know I'm not the type of person who can AT ALL! I'd eat rubbish for about a week and feel so bad that I didn't stick to it I probably wouldn't start again. Give me an inch I'll take a mile!!

Thanks so much guys!

hey fellow daisy!!

I hope you have decided to stick with it for a while longer, you have done so well. I was doing LT last year and was nearly where I wanted to be, wearing nice clothes, feeling good etc. I had a birthday party to go to and I thought I would just take one day off the diet. Well one day led to another, and another. Then I keep saying I would start again on Monday and would eat everything in sight. My brain seems to take on some demon in those situations. I know its not logical at all but if I set my self a start day (always mondays, anyone else relate to that?) I somehow give myself permission to eat evrything I can before then. Well of course that monday never came and by xmas I was back to where I started. My "monday" finally came on Jan 1st and I have stuck with it so far, but still feeling feeling really angry with myself.

Anyway after that ramble what I am saying is, please keep at it you are doing so well and you will only be cheating yourself if you do. Its a slippery slope.

Here to support you :)

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