cheaty soup


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Hi, just thought i'd mention for anyone thats a tried to make their own soup and found it as bland as mine that i attemped another one yesterday. While hunting through the cupboard for a tin of tomatoes i found a jar of WW Motzerella and Rocket sauce that i bought from the pound shop....reading the back of the jar it seemed like a great solution to giving my soup some flavour as its basically tomato and herbs. Anyway i bunged it all in the slow cooker and i must say its gorgeous. The jar was 2 points for the whole thing but its made a huge pot of soup so i'm not gonna bother to point it. I didn't blitz mine in the blender like i've read most people do because i like mine chunky but i'm sure you could if you wanted to. Hope this helps anyone who fancies attempting one. :wave_cry:

Butternut squash diced
carrots diced
frozen mixed peppers
onions fried with garlic paste
2pts of chicken stock made with oxo's
jar of WW Mozerella and Rocket sauce
squirt of tomato puree
salt and black pepper
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Ooh sounds lovely, thanks for the tip! My grandpa is always going on about putting a jar of doritos salsa in his soup so guess it would be pretty similar! Might give this recipe a wee go soon :D


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i usually add left over salsa too to mine:)hate throwing it out:)


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To give my Veg soups a bit of a lift I add Chilli powder or Worcestershire Sauce


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sounds yummy! will try it when i get more veg to make soup. (im always throwing out veg as it goes off before we can eat it but now on diet im running out all the time) :D