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Checking in

Hi all,

Apologies I've not posted much in the last couple of weeks - had a bit of a time of it recently!

My sister (14) does judo and was at a competition a couple of weeks ago. During a fight she fell badly and her competitor landed on her dislocating her hip (and also chipping the bone slightly). She is still in hospital and has been in traction for all this time (she is due for another MRI next week to see if she can come off traction and start physio).

This whole saga is made worse by the fact that she is in Walsall hospital (the competition was in Walsall) over 100 miles away. The rest of my family live a further 20 miles south of me (my poor car has been up and down the motorway rather a lot!)

I've had to ferry my mum back and forwards as she isn't a very confident driver (and she's about to drop with number 6 due on March 7th!) and my dad has had to take on more work than ever as he is self employed and has already taken a lot of time off (and will want to take more off when the baby is born!).

Work has been as stressful as ever but quite understanding when I've had to dash off. However this week, they gave me an extra 5 staff to train up and look after!

The diet however, is still going strong - I think stress may be helping even if it does my nerves no good!

Last week I was very pleased that my BMI fell below 40 making me no longer morbidly obese (never thought I'd feel so pleased about that!). My clothes have also got so loose that I am going to have to give in and buy some more this weekend as I look a bit like a bag lady!! I had to keep hoiking my skirt up at work today which was embarrassing to say the least! No idea what size I am now, but certainly smaller. I am excited about shopping somewhere other than faithful old Evans! I'm going to try Primark as I am hopefully going to grow out of any new clothes in the not too distant future. :)

Hope you are all well and enjoying good old Lipotrim. :D
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Hey Julie!!

Wow you have had a time of it!! I hope everything with you sister sorts itself out I really do!! Well done on sticking to the diet through it though!! What an achievement!

what a time .................can they transfer her soon to a local hosp ?................ stick tothat diet xx


Back on the wagon!
Sorry to hear your troubles Julie but well done for sticking to the diet....difficult when you are under pressure......


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You've done amazing sticking with the diet in those circumstances. Hope your sisters is now on the road to recovery. Bet you were thrilled to no longer be morbidly obese. Its a great feeling. I couldn't believe I was obese. I thought of myself as a bit tubby, but never obese and when I finally dropped into the 'overweight' section I was thrilled. The diet is fantastic isn't it. Only half a stone left and I'm no longer viewed as overweight (but that being said my BMI will still be over 25 so I'm carrying on until that gets to 25 or below).

Good luck with the shopping trip.
Julie, congrats on keeping up the diet while you've got so much pressure on you. You might want to give Primark a wide berth at the moment and maybe consider George or Sainsbury's clothes. I got some size 18s from Primark and the jeans are probably no bigger than a 14. I know I'll get in them eventually, but I need new stuff NOW!

It's also a bit of a downer when you can't fit in them.

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