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Hi Guys,

Although I'm not an official LLer anymore I still like to lurk and see how you are all doing!

There are so many threads that I would like to post on - but I figure it'd take til the end of January and you'd all get bored of reading my posts!!

So...I just wanted to post and say a few things to you all....

Anna - first and foremost, you are rocking! You looked beautiful in your bond dress and so happy - it was lovely to see those pictures! You will get to your goal, even with the stumble you've had. Don't you stress. You are a strong and powerful woman!

Karma - your thread really struck a cord with me. I'm so sorry about your loss. I have a similar relationship with my mother and it made me think about how I should deal with the situation.
You have my deepest sympathies, I am thinking of you.

Sweety - you are doing great girl - the difference in your photo is incredible and you deserve all of the praise you get! Well done!

LS - I'm in Staffordshire and would love to get together with you guys on a meet if you can organise something :D

You are all doing so well and I have a little smile when I see how you are all thundering towards your goals! Makes me proud :D

Anyhoo - I won't bore the pants off you all day! I'm doing ok at the moment - have put a few pounds on and had some bad days....but I know I'm not perfect. I'll get there in the end...and until then I will still be drawing my inspiration from you (skinny) lot!

Much love to you all,

Paula xxxx :D
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Guess who's back...?
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Hey Polly! Nice to hear from you!!
Thanks for your msg - *grin* - I've had a shocking few days, as you've read - but I'm focused again and determined to keep my head down and do this. So exciting!!

Be good to see you at the LL get together - you may not be on the diet, but that means jack... you've still got our support. Good luck with the rest of your journey :) xx