cheese and broccoli soup poll

what did you think to the cheese and broccoli soup

  • Yummy

    Votes: 9 20.5%
  • its ok

    Votes: 20 45.5%
  • nasty

    Votes: 15 34.1%

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Deffo try it - I quite liked it but don't think it's the best thing I've ever tasted!! lol

It's very green veg - I couldn't taste much cheese tbh but it's a refreshing change (great for using as a sauce on AAM or 790!!) and I'll deffo be having it again loads.


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I thought it was ok, and it was nice to have a change. I'll be getting more next time



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Had first one last night. Was ok - not my favourite ... but ok!
1. oriental chilli
2. tomato
3. broccoli and cheese


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Tomato makes me heave ... quite revolting


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ughh! Cannot stand it!