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I will do this!!!
Stuff like cheddar is fine, I think no carbs... other softer cheese like feta and halloumi have some carbs I think but its still not too bad


I will do this!!!
im not eating any but i thought cheese was really bad for you.
Cheese is high fat but low carb so depends what you're looking for! Think exante want us to be low carb AND low fat which isn't as much fun! ;)


I can haz cake?
well you need to balance it with the fact you are on a very low calorie diet, and cheese is high in cals and fat. Standard cheese shouldn't take you out of K, I had it a few times in the past (although a small amount, maybe a teaspoon or two)...

Its just making sure its not something you have too often. x

At the end of the day its your decision, if you want to do it you can. For example: I have 2 cups of tea every day on exante, it isn't enough to take me outta K, but it could be for someone else. You need to consider if the additional calories are worth it and could you do without? (I personally HAVE to have a cup of tea every day lol)
Also remember that your body needs some fat to really absorb some types of vitamins, so if you want cheese on your add a meal weeks, there is that benefit also.


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Feta is lower in carbs than cheddar, and its higher in protein.



I will do this!!!
may all time favourite cheese is feta!!!! yummy

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