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Cheesy chips

Hi Im Vicki I started on 10.04.2011 and lost 6lbs in my first week!!!

I've found it strange changing the way I eat but my fav thing is cheesy chips!!! I hated cheesy chips before slimming world and now after finding how to make SW Chips on here I Always have them, I make the chips and when they are ready I microwave 3 light Babybels and pour this over then enjoy with sour cream and chive sauce 3 syns!!! I always have peas or salad with it but it's soo nice, and feels guilty having chips but your on a diet!!

I've also made paprika Chips and herby wedges!! I love chips and wedges

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I still can't believe how much u can eat it's crazy!! Just hope iv lost this week, I had McDonalds on saturday because I haven't been well, I've Been good all week, will I still lose weight? X


Back to basics!
have you tried the syn free crisps u make in the microwave?
u slice potatoes up (with the potato slicing bit u usually get on a cheese grater)lol and spray a plate with frylight, put the potato bits on the plate and season and spray again, then put in the microwave for 4 to 8 mins, but keep checkin them cos burnt ones arnt nice (bit of this link was pinched of some clever persons thread so i cant claim the credit) they are amazing ive tried them sprinkled with salt/viniger and wouster sauce lush!!


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Yeah I use the microwave to soften the potatoes instead of parboiling. Between 6-8 mins depending on how many spuds you have. I slice them up first, put them in a bowl with a little water in and cover with cling film.
I think you should syn them if you have them like this, as you are substituting a 'bad' food - with a 'free food' - personal choice though - i do know some people who eat SW crisps/chips freely and lose loads of weight.

I guess if weight loss slowed down this would be something you could swap/change to improve weight losses.

i guess so... i have been known on the odd occassion to make one or two of the pasta sheet doritos... i make this a rare treat tho or else i would eat them non stop! xx
I have chips like everyday and still lost weight there still potatoes and I don't have that many n have loads of salad with them, think it just depends what sort of metabliosim you have I do gym swimming aqua aerobics during the week I started this a week
Before SW to help with SW and it's ok for me, just need to try and see what happens
But I don't use that many syns a day hope this helps x

??? Victoria-Louise ???
I have got to try this it sounds fantastic and cheesy..a clever idea..:)

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