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chelle's diary


so i went to my first ww meeting tonight and ive got to say i was bricking it! i dont no why but i was so nervous,maybe because the place i used to go to wasnt very friendly but it seems really nice at this meeting.

there were alot of ladies and a few men too and they all seem to have had great success.

the leader was really nice and very funny lol and im really REALLY excited that this is hopefully gonna work properly for me!

ive sorted all my books and points out and i bought some butterscotch drops, caramel bars and some potato crisps (the sour cream and chive)

wish me luck and lets hope this time next week ill have a good weight loss!

yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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I am so glad you found a friendly class with a good leader - that really will make a huge difference to your WW journey

now your have your starting weight and remember you wont be seeing that again after tonight :)


In the 10s at last!
Well dun chelle for going to your first meeting glad it was so friendly:D keep up your posts on here so we know how ur doin hun! xxx


Hiya Chucks!!
Hey your not a geek...:p
Welcome to the ww section its good that you are really motivated and excited..
You have a little look of Sonia in eastenders..:).
good luck with your journey xx


In the 10s at last!
Its official chelle geekiness is cool:p xx


In the 10s at last!
Yep im alright 1 problemo solved seems to be replaced by another but like i sed to fuzz earlier im boring myself with my moaning so jus gotta get on with it:) xx
Yep im alright 1 problemo solved seems to be replaced by another but like i sed to fuzz earlier im boring myself with my moaning so jus gotta get on with it:) xx
aw im sure in time everything will work out, keep your chin up! :hug99:

Aww what a lovely thing to say..:thankyou:
You have your head in the right place and you have the determination,that is ½ the battle...:)
your quite welcome!
yes i think thats definatly true, gotta have the right mindset xx
day 1 is going good so far, had cheerios for brekkie and a big salad and ww crisps for lunch. i think for my dinner im going to have a ww meal and loads of veg, or i might do a nice chicken stir fry yummy!!
i think im gonna struggle to keep using all my points but i will try my hardest.

its funny ive ate more today than i normally eat all day yet it still makes you loose weight?! i cant get my head around that at the minute. i feel if i eat loads and loads and use all my points theres no way i will loose weight but hopefully thats not true.

im rambling now, im bored, im going to go for a walk... in the rain! joy!!



In the 10s at last!
It does work chelle & im 1st 6lb lighter to show for it:D xx


in the zone!

I have the exact same problem, I can't get my head round the fact that I can eat all this food and still lose weight. I have 29 points a day and I feel really bad if I have more than 20!! Suppose it just takes a lot to get used too!!

I'm glad you enjoyed your class tho! My first class wasn't that brilliant to be honest and kind of put me off going back but we have a new leader now and it's going well.

Good luck!!

Oh and Charly well done!! Hope I can lose it like you!!
:) xx
i see you lost another 5lbs on your week before joining.. is that right or did i remember wrong? :p

either way, you're definitely listed as lighter! :D well done hun!

hope you have a good week - don't worry about eating more, not if its healthy stuff like salad and vegetables! :)


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