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Chemical Diet ?!? & WW

A friend from work had to have a heart operation and was told they needed to lose weight fast. The hospital gave them a diet "Chemical Diet" and its guarantees to lose a stone or more a week so long as u follow it to the T. They have give me the diet to try but you are only allowed to do it a week then eat healthy for 3 weeks then do it for another week. I was thinking of doing chemical diet a week then WW for next 3 weeks and alternating like that.

Just wondered if any one had heard of chemical diet. Or if any one was interested in giving it a go. Ive copied hospital leaflet fully and have it on my computer if any ones interested. :)

Happy Dieting!!
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I've never heard of it but it sounds like a crash diet/diuretic type thing? :confused:
I'm very intrigued as to what the diet involves though! :p
lol i will give u example of one of the days.

morning-Grapefruit 2 boiled eggs
Midday-Roast Chicken, Grilled tomatoes
Evening -Grilled Steak, Tomatoes

ur allowed as much as u want of the chicken and steak it also says......

Do NOT eat anything that isn’t on this list. Only eat what is shown. Or do without. No substitutes are allowed. NO milk, NO butter. Oil or fats. NOTHING in between meals. Salad includes lettuce, cucumber, Celery OR tomatoes. Drinks Allowed – Black Coffee, Tea, Grapefruit Juice. Water, Soda Water, Any amount of these drinks are permitted. NO ALCOHOL!!

This Diet is chemical not quantity. So you can eat a whole chicken and plenty of steak!
I would seriously doubt she got that from a hospital! It sounds downright dangerous. If you google it it comes up with loads of hits, most describing it as a fad diet and saying any weight you lose will go back on. I cant imagine any hospital issuing a diet like this at all. Apparantly its sometimes referred to as the British Heart Foundation Diet and the BHF have said its bogus and nothing to do with them. Im sure I remember seeing something like this about 20 years ago I remember the 'unlimited' beetroot, tuna and hotdogs!

What about the three-day diet?
The three-day diet has been circulated under a number of names such as the "British Heart Institute three- day diet", the " Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital diet", the "Soup Diet”, the "Pre-Op diet" and the “Seven-day fat burning diet". These diets are not connected with the British Heart Foundation and their origin is obscure.

What's wrong with crash diets?
You should avoid crash diets that claim massive weight loss, and that suggest a restricted range of foods. They encourage “faddy” eating habits and a cycle of starvation and bingeing. Diets which encourage a weight loss of 1-2 lbs (up to 1 Kg) a week are more likely to be effective, and you're more likely to stick to them in the long term. It's best to aim for a well-balanced, low calorie diet. It should be low in saturated fat and high in fibre, including a range of fruit and vegetables. If you combine this with regular exercise your diet will be far more effective in the long term and may help prevent or manage coronary heart disease.

Id steer well clear of it and stick with WW, least you wont make yourself ill on it
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My friend did the diet - sounds the exact same & stuck to it to the letter for seven days - she was starving, headache & lost 1.5lbs!!!! Dont think she can ever eat boiled eggs again either hehehheh......
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It sounds VERY similar to the Scarsdale Diet which I followed several years ago. But you were only meant to do it for 2weeks and you could lose upto 20lbs!!!! I did it for a week, my god it was hard work and I lost 13lbs but a few months later the weight was all back on again barr a couple of pounds....

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