Cheryll's Journey


Hi to anyone kind enough to be reading this,

I have always struggled some what with my weight since being about 16. It all started when I started college and had my own source of income and found myself snacking on chocolate, crisps, chips and whatever else I could get my hands on cheaply and easily in between college classes. This combined with the sudden stop of any kind of excerise - be it the three times a week dance lessons I'd been attending since the age of three stopping due to the school closing and of course the three times a week P.E. lessons I had to partake in at school no longer being part of my weekly rountine I found myself gradually putting on weight being bigger then I ever was before. I wasn't as big as I find myself now, however I still thought of myself as 'fat' and struggled with my weight for the next two years.

Fast forward to my first year of uni, I made a decision i'd been toying with for a long time and became a vegeterian (much to my parents disgust - I stayed at home for my three years at uni), I wasn't happy to admit it at the time but am willing to now admit my diet in this time was awful. I hardly ate anything, I used my vegetarianism as an excuse to eat next to nothing due to 'not being able to as its not vegeterian friendly'. I found myself much smaller then I had ever been and refused to listen when people told me how ill I looked due to my weight loss. I recently found a picture of myself during this time and felt ill looking at how underweight I looked. I continued on this path for two years until one day I realised just how ill I was making myself due to my vegetarianism, I was unable to make it a healthly life choice for myself (I know its possible for some people, but I just wasn't eating correctly). I then reintroduced fish and then gradually meat and then gradually everything else i'd loved before and stopped eating during those two years and slowly but surely I got to a healthy weight and then I went further then that and found myself once again bigger then I had ever been before.

Fast forward a few years I decided to give slimming world a try and lost a good amount of weight and was back on track to a decent and healthy weight. I then moved out of my parents and in with my boyfriend, this teamed with me being unable to make it to group because of work commitments I slowly piled all but 3lbs of the weight i'd worked so hard to loose back on and once again find myself unhappy with the way I look and have decided to go back to slimming world.

I started the plan yesterday and am going to use this diary to track how i'm doing and feeling probably on a weekly basis.

I don't have a large amount of weight to loose and hope to be able to be happy with my body once again by this time next year, because as much as I would like a quick fix the weight didn't go on overnight and will not just fall off overnight.

Cheryl xx
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Welcome Cheryl:welcome2:
Just popping by to wish you all the best on your Slimming World journey.

You were successful with SW before and I am sure you will again this time round.

Here is to a Healthy and Happy New year 2012:new_year:


Thanks Mini,

I hope I manage to be successful again, just need the will power and motivation to do it again.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012 as well x


Well i'm over half way through my first week back on slimming world today and I don't know if its just my imagination but I seem to be less bloated and my jeans appear a little looser around the waist then this time last week.

Had the last two days off work which meant I was in charge of cooking tea as the boyfriend was working which meant all syn free meals so following monday's also syn free chilli and rice, came tuesday's beef casserole (which was delicious even if I do say so myself) and then yesterdays pasta, jacket potato and salad. Tonight os going to be considerably more difficult as boyfriend is on nights and will be gone before I get home from work which normally leads to me having something quick like fish finger and chips. Not tonight though I am determined to have a decent loss at my first WI and will not allow my laziness in the kitchen when it comes to cooking for just myself derail me. I've also made sure I am all stocked up on fresh fruit so when the boredom of being home alone kicks in i'll reach for the grapes rather then the biscuits and crisps.

Cheryl x