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Chew and spit??


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Dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whats the point????


I will be skinny again!!!

Some one was doing this before, talking about licking sausages etc etc... Got the taste for it and the diet was out the window 2 days later!

The whole point of having limited flavours etc on this diet is to CLEANSE your palate.. Take away all tastes of food etc so that when you come off LT all the healthy foods you will be eating will taste amazing and not make you stray back to your old habits!

Please tasting foods will definatly stur your hunger and more than likely lead to eating..


One last chance
Very true chell, well said.


A little of everything!


One last chance


A little of everything!
I know! From something that seems 'harmless'? It's a downward spiral!
Yeah I felt like doing that to begin with but what's the point. Stick it out and then you can eat properly and sensibly after. I don't know how much you want to lose but if you carry on doing that for weeks on end then you could end up developing an eating disorder like the one Irish Mum has kindly posted and that would be worse.
That's seriously scary. I really can't see any enjoyment in that anyway! I don't miss food anymore, and I would never have believed it possible. I fell I could go on and on with this LT diet, but I am sensible enough to know to stop when I am at a comfortable weight that suits me, it will probably be before my original goal as I love the way I look and dress now.
I actually licked one of my sons crisps today and my 13 daughter caught me and said I was nuts - she then went on to lecture me about eating disorders - well and truly told off!!!


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Awww thats really great that your 13 year old could have a go at you about stuff like that hun! Shes obviously got a lot of sense about her :) xx


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If you really must chew something, chew on ice cubes!

It helped the first few weeks of the diet and now I just like chomping them as they are so refreshing on these hot days! :D


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Mmmmm - I'm not entirely sure you wouldn't be absorbing things through the lining of your mouth as well. This could be enough to knock you out of ketosis if it was something eg citrusy or whatever ... just a thought.... x

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