Chewing gum??


To celebrate my losses!
Is there any "safe" chewing gum allowable on CD that won't knock me out (or prevent me getting into) ketosis?

I am seriously struggling with the urge to graze and am wondering if I can have a bit of a chew to take my mind off wanting to eat. Problem is most of the time I don't even know I am shoving things in my mouth but if my mouth is already occupied ....

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.
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Back again!
Afraid not honey

The action of chewing gum alone will probably make you feel hungry as well as the risk of it knocking you out of ketosis. I know that some people do chew gum, especially to get rid of the dreaded "Ketosis Breath", but it really isn't advised.

Just try & keep yourself as busy as possible, keep posting on Minimins, to resist that old eating urge - not easy I know.

Take care


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hiya Timeisright

What you are experiencing is completely natural - especially for those of us that have done it before! This is where you will really have to draw on your CBT resources....

The act of chewing anything will only serve as a replacement to eating...and it is breaking the habit of inappropriate eating that you are trying to deal with. Do you get my drift???

If you have time then do something that you know is really gonna help you to feel good....the way I tend to look at is this:

If I eat (or even chew gum) now, then I'd have forgotten about it very shortly.....BUT if I do something that makes me feel good then that will stay with me a lot longer.

Sorry, can't be of more help than that, hun.....and, of course, there's always the water!! :)


To celebrate my losses!
Thank you both and of course your advice is spot on about replacing that urge to munch!!

I think I need to just get through the next few days and have the comfort of ketosis to surround me and then really tackle the grazing issues using some thought plans, etc.

Many thanks again.