chewing on biltong....opinions please.

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    I have a client who has just started back on ss this week. She is addicted to food and so to try to get her out of the habit she has started to chew on chilli steak and biltong - this is stripped meat,sun dried and coated in chillis dried -originally from south africa. This stops her feeling hungry in her head and the chewing stops her wanting more. Will this be detrimental to her ssing?
    As its only meat and not carbs how much damage could it do?
    I said that any extras to ss could mean a difference in weight loss, but her attitude is that its the only thing that will keep her from eating anything else. So surely better her for to do this until she gets over it and used to non physical hunger and then stops the biltong than to 'fail' the diet completely and keep bingeing and eatingeating.
    Opinions please. For me personally we all have to do what we need to to get through so if this is her way so be it, and hopefully it will be short lived.
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  4. lynjo

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    Si didnt explain myself very just for clarification she is eating not chewing and spitting (lots of chewing because its a very tough meat apparantly)

    But thanks azar for that.
  5. dizzy-n-mizzy

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    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    Hi Lynjo

    I'm not a CDC just going on my own personal experience for what it's worth but my guess would be that she will be wasting her money unless she does it properly from the start.

    I suffered from compulsive overeating pre CD and I know going completely cold turkey just packs and water was absolutely what I needed to break the addiction. I drank tea and coffee when eating and in excess so gave them up too and just concentrated on the water. It was a fabulous relief to me not to be able to eat at all and psychologically really empowering to break that hold that food had on me.

    Obviously we are all different and as I said this is my personal experience but I would guess she is kidding herself that this is the only way she can do the diet.

    Best of Luck.

    Dizzy x
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    Hi Lynjo,

    This should definitely not be advised. Biltong is coated in salt when dried then soaked in apple cider vinegar as part of the preparation.

    As you know on SS we are not allowed salt or any flavourings of any kind so this would definitely be detrimental to her staying in ketosis and being able to achieve the success she could achieve. Even if she did float in and out of ketosis as this is protein the urge to eat will be strong as this could kick of cravings. CD is not like Atkins its complete balanced nutrition and too much protein is not allowed at this stage.

    This is also made from red meat something again that is not introduced until later in the programmes it should only be lean white protein and green.

    As Dizzy has said you need to go through the cold turkey (not eat it yet) to get to the other side this will only prolong the process and completely knock the diet off kilter.

    You need to use your skills as a Counsellor to persuade your lady that this just will not work and neither of your will see the results she so desires.

    The other alternative of course is to start on higher programme as Azar suggests this way she can ease into the SS if she wishes or complete her weightloss on a higher programme.

    Another thought you are saying she is starting back again was she doing this last time? If so maybe that is why she stopped?

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