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Chezzielou's Food Diary <3


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S: 12st9.5lb G: 8st0lb
I have really fallen off the wagon this weekend. Alcohol + Chinese and no food optimising :s

But I'm not going to panic. Just gonna plan my week now. Also starting body magic which can't hurt. Gonna start precooking snacks so I when I go to the fridge to snack it's the good stuff.

Tomorrows plan - Red

B- Quaker porridge oats heb + hea milk + sweetner

L- wholemeal roll heb chicken ham Mayo (2 syns i think)

D- ???

Snacks- boiled egg fruit yogurt and tortilla which i plan to make

Just gotta make sure I stick to it


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S: 12st9.5lb G: 8st0lb
B - quacker oats with nutmeg

L- missed lunch

D -

Bad day today went town and forgot to eat. Will make it up at dinner :)
Possibly meatballs and rice


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S: 12st9.5lb G: 8st0lb
B - porridge with milk and sweetener

L - Wholemeal roll with asda chicken and sweetcorn deli filler (3 syn) x 2

D - Steak with new potatoes and salad. BBQ sauce (6 syn)

Snacks - melon banana grapes muller light yogurt

Total syn - 12

Hea - Milk
Heb - Wholemeal Roll x2

Water - 500ml bottle refilled x 4


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S: 12st9.5lb G: 8st0lb
Good day got weighed and I STS :) this is the first time in a few weeks I haven't put on. Im so happy it means iv been doing something right this week.
Next weeks aim - 4 pound off
Aiming high :)

Things to do -
Breakfast every morning
Drink lots of water
Make sure to have lunch
More fruit
Lots more exercise 30min+ a day


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S: 12st9.5lb G: 8st0lb
Had a tricky few days with wedding and what not. Tried my best to stick to plan and back on track now :D

B - Banana topped with Shape FF vanilla yogurt.

L - Chicken and mayo sandwich. Only realised after it was normal mayo and not light :( (5.5 syns)

D -

HEB - Wholemeal bread


Water - 500ml

Exercise -
S: 12st9.5lb G: 8st0lb
Been on holiday past 2 weeks and my diet completely went to pot. Trying to save it this week. Im going to hate weigh in this week. Really low on shopping too.. pretty much out of veg :S

B - Pecan & Maple Cereal (7 syns)

L - Rice with chicken

D - lasagne
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S: 12st9.5lb G: 8st0lb
I need to kick start myself back into a routine.

My targets for this week

- eat regularly and not snack
- drink 5 pints of water a day
- walk dog 30 min a day
- go on wii fit each day

My shopping list

- chicken & sweetcorn filler
- whole meal rolls
- alpen light bars
- fruit
Bean Sprouts
- bacon
- porridge
- salt and vinegar ryvita
- sweet chilli sauce

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