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  1. Chizzel77

    Chizzel77 Member

    Hi does anyone have a simple receipe for chicken chowmein..
    its the amounts im getting all muddled up with. I will only use chicken, fresh egg noodles suggestions if any better, bean sprouts, and other veg. Can i use a made up sauce or is soy sauce better and how many points only been on ww for week and not got the hang of it yet. Been searching recipes always got somthing in we dont like so dont know how many points. Thank you very much.

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  3. liquineer

    liquineer Full Member

    Here is a basic one
    1 cooked skinless chicken breast 2.5 pts
    1/2 onion 0 pts
    1/2 package bean sprouts 0 pts
    1/2 packet fresh egg noodles 3 pts
    Soy sauce 0 pts

    [TD="bgcolor: #ffffcc"]Instructions
    Cut the onion into long thin strips, add to non stick frying pan (or if not non stick add a spray of oil) and fry gently. Add bean sprouts and cook a 3/4 mins.

    Add egg noodles & soy sauce to taste. Fry for a further 2/3 mins then add the chicken.

    Keep turning until chicken is hot right through.

    Add more soy sauce to taste.

    Server immediate

    5,5 points

    More extensive one 10 points

    120g chicken breast 3pp
    1 portion egg noodles (dried or fresh) 6pp
    mushrooms 0pp
    onions 0pp
    10g sweetcorn 0pp
    20g peas 0pp
    stir fry veg (I use tesco value version) 0pp
    2tsp (10ml) dark soy sauce 0pp
    1tsp (5ml) sesame seed oil 1pp
    small garlic clove 0pp
    1 tsp of ginger (more if you prefer) 0pp
    salt (if needed)

    [TD="bgcolor: #ffffcc"]Instructions[/TD]
    cook chicken, onions, mushrooms for 10 mins then add peas & sweetcorn stir fry veg(I use a griddle pan with no oil) once cooked add cooked noodles, add soy sauce, ginger, and sesame seed oil & garlic, mix warm for 2-3 mins, season and serve!

    Both from weightwatchers community boards. HTH
  4. Chizzel77

    Chizzel77 Member

    Thank you so much just what I was looking for and low in points fantastic.
  5. dawson66

    dawson66 Full Member

    to add more taste u could use chinese five spices which i think is free and adds some good flavour you will find it beside all the other spices

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