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Chicken cooked in Cola....


Slow but sure....
When I was with WW there was a popular chicken recipe that used diet cola to cook the chicken in, it turned it into a lovely BBQ flavoured sticky chicken dish.

But, with the variations on the SW diet for cooking free foods (food abuse) I am wondering if this would be Free on a Red day, it's just chicken and diet cola.

Here's the recipe...

Its lovely it tastes BBQy/teriaki style

Diet Coke Chicken (BBQ)

This is the recipe, it's delicious, tastes like barbeque sauce.


Estimated POINTS® value per serving - 3.5


2 Medium Chicken Breasts
1 Medium Red Onion
8 Tbsp Tomato Ketchup
1 can of Diet Coke (Not Pepsi Max or Coke zero – too sweet)
Couple of dashes of Worcester Sauce (to taste)


1. Dice chicken and slice onion and brown off in Frylight.

2. Add Ketchup and diet coke and Worcester sauce

3. Cook on high heat to reduce the sauce stirring to ensure it does not burn

4. Once it has gotten to a thick consistency (sticky) then serve.

Any idea's on this anyone? Thank you.
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Sounds lovely!
I don't think it's free though as ketchup is 1 syn per tablespoon so I work it to be 4 syns per portion.
I may be wrong, though!
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Slow but sure....
Maybe someone who has more knowledge of the SW diet (I am still fairly new) can help us, it is a lovely recipe and I would like to do it again.


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i wonder if you could use a can of peeled plum (or chopped) tomatoes and reduce them down a bit, then add the coke and reduce further? it'd make it free then! :D


Slow but sure....
Good idea Beki, I shall try it next week, it sounds daft but the cola really makes the chick succulent and juicy and sticky on the outside.
hi donnie46 and others - take a look in the recipe section above - there is quite a detailed thread on diet coke chicken and its variations. You can use the search options to find it quickly.
yer i was going to tell you what skinny has already said lol! x


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Iv'e read somewhere that someone made a similar dish using diet lilt and gammon, anyone tried it? xxx


Iv'e read somewhere that someone made a similar dish using diet lilt and gammon, anyone tried it? xxx
Ihavent tried it with lilt yet but we have the gammon and diet coke done in the slow cooker or a pan at least onece every 2 weeks and its lush, keep meaning to try with lilt zero. :)

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