Chicken Korma a la Hairy Bikers

Thanks for this, may try this tomorrow!

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I have bought the cook book and intend to do the breakfasts along with my RC solo slim meals... i've already done their crumpets - best breakfast by far!
And have made their cassoulet, which is amazing! Event the skinny boyfriend really enjoyed it! :D
I've had the crumpet breakfast too, I love crumpets so was very pleased when I saw that on the programme!

I've downloaded their book on Kindle and there are a lot of recipes I want to try out. I made the skinny lasagne on Monday, it was ok, I'm sure it would have been nicer if I could have used proper mince instead of Quorn but my fiance doesn't eat red meat sadly!! Perhaps I'll make one with proper mince just for me!!
thanks for this, I've missed the TV show as I've been watching Olympic so didn't realise it was on. I've just ordered from Amazon, they are out of stock at the moment so will look on the website for inspriation until I get it.