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Chicken soup crisps?!


xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Lucky you i've just finished a bowlful!....

1 - put the soup powder in dish/jug etc whatever you use to mix
2 - add any herbs/seasoning in you may like (i use loads of paprika and pepper for spicy ones)
3 - add a little water and mix into a smooth thick paste
4 - spread small thin amounts onto a baking sheet (uses a few sheets for full mixture)
5 - put in microwave for just over a minute

leave to cool a min then voila! crisps!

Julie84 told me how to do it so its thanks to her x
Aw thanks so much yay I can't wait!
I've no baking paper, hmmm what could i substitute with??



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mmm sounds lovely x

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
you could just try spreading it on a plate, not sure what else... nearly said kitchen foil but only do that if you want to blow your kitchen up!
Haha I was thinking that too and then remembered an incident i had when i was younger.... not good!
What do the crisps look like, just so I know I haven't messed up!

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
errrmm..... like crisps really just funny shaped and slightly thicker in places where its not spread as much. if you want them crispy they will be very slightly brown, if they go darker brown theyre not burnt they still tase same.

p.s. my dad had a "incident" where he put a carton of custard in microwave forgetting about the foil inside and set it on fire... so beware!... custard is flammable lol!
When I was a kid I loved playing with candle wax but hated waiting for it to melt so i put a load of candles in the microwave and the whole thing went on fire!!
I'm going down to make my crisps no mmm with no baking paper:( ooo roughly how much water, just a drop enough to make it paste like?

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
enough to make it like bun mixture or a thick paste, add the water a drizzle at a time (keep tap running really low), should only make a smallish amount but it makes about 20ish crisps depending on size. I spread on roughly about 1/4 teaspon each one.
Yum!! They were great!!
It felt so good to actually chew again!

Thanks for the help they will be a big help in the coming months!


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