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chicken soup


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We used to use a mini blender to mix it...like the tiny hand held ones you can get! Worth a try! How you finding your first day?x


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Ok im surprised how full im getting after the shakes just waiting for the dreaded day 3 or 4 ha ha ha ha x
gaz has got a soup recipe somewhere, but add some curry powder, chilli, something like that if you like spicy food, i love it x
Hot, smoked Paprika, Hot chilli powder, black, white, ground, cheyenne pepper, Garam Masala powder.
But NO salt and becareful as some spices can hide hidden ingrediants and could knock you out of Kesosis.
And officially nothing should be added it is purely down to the individual.
Dont try it all together!


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Bought meself a Teskie's own handblender for less than a fiver - shakes (& dare I say it.... soup !) come up so so smooth :D
cheap as chips I bought 4 lol one at home, one in Spain, one in Leeds and one at work............................be prepared!
"Proper planning and preperation prevents piss poor performance"


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ive just had to buy a new hand blender buggered my last one up trying to blitz ice ,stupid me xx


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Lol that happened to me Lil...i did use tons of ice though, had to bin it xxx


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So ive just had the soup and it was ok anyone got any ideas to make it bit more nicer as it tasted grainy. Only using the shaker

mmmmm use it as loo cleaner ..or to unblock the sink????


Says it as it is!!!
:rolleyes:oh yeash:rolleyes: i managed one spoonful and was ill eww:jelous:get em back and get flapjacks or shakes ...if they wont take em you can use my early suggestion or use em to kill the slugs :D


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I've got a blender at home and 1 at work couldn't stomach the soup on wk1 but now i cant get enough of them, I think the secret is not to use boiling hot water before you blend. This way you don't get all that froth on top.


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Everytime i see a thread about chicken soup i feel ill to the stomach..but i still click in and read it...then i feel ten times worse... fresh air plz plz plz


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Ahh CHICKEN SOUP can'''''''''t get enough of it mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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