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Chicken Soup??


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Whats it like??
Be honest!!
Im guessing it doesnt taste much like chicken soup!
Just wondered incase i dont like the shakes (fingers crossed i do) but then again i suppose...coz the shakes are cold i can hold my nose and it will soon be gone...ya cant do that with hot soup haha!
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I wasn'tkeen on them at first. But as the weeks have passed I've found myself wanting them more often as they are savoury and having sweet stuff all the time does get monotonous



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I used to take a mouthful and think 'this is okay!' but then as I got down it start changing my mind until I had to force the last bit down. Through experimenting I now find that with more water - about 400mls, some pepper and a bit of paprika - they're not too bad at all!! :)


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Exactly the same as Jan, I ciouldnt bear it to begin with but I prefer savoury to sweet so I stuck with it and now actually look forward to having it!!! I put half the packet in a large mug now and added masses of pepper and paprika (think you can put in curry powder and /or herbs alternatively) and actually enjoy it. Went to a health club/spa today with some girlfriends and they made it up in a huge bowl for me bless them so I could eat with my girlies...it was great didnt feel like I was missing out at all!


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Hey I love the chicken soup, Its nice to have something warm!

And I add pepper :)
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they are pretty awful lol


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Well I had paid for an all inclusive day Claire which included food so I guess it was the least they could do cos thaey didn't give me a discount but yeah it was a nice touch, I wonder if anyone has tried that in a resturant when out with 'paying' friends!


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I really wish i liked the soup but i really dont!


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i could honestly say its probably the worst thing ive ever tasted, closely followed by marmite and the LT flapjacks
its ok not alot of flavour but savoury. it makes achange from cold shakes. a bit like a cheap cup o soup.


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It smells like chicken soup, but it tastes like yucky melted tofu with herbs.

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