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Thinking of getting some to live in the garden, we have the space, the OH reckons he can construct a suitable living area and I like the idea of fresh eggs!

Anyone kept them?

I've done a bit of research on the 'net but it's always handy to hear first-hand experiences! :)
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I just got some in June. We have four red hens, they started laying after a week and now they each lay an egg a day (shame as I'm just about to start LighterLife Total hehe). I live in a town, and it's no problem at all. As long as you keep their house clean and put all food away at night (to keep intruders away) they're easy to keep. I didn't think I'd take to them (lifelong Cat Person), but I love having them - I could watch them for hours! I'm definitely new to it, but if you have any questions just ask :)
S: 14st13lb C: 10st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 4st12lb(32.54%)
We collected our 3 last weekend and they seem to be settling in OK. :)


you lookin' at me?
We've got 9 chickens in our back garden! Had eleven but lost a couple to illness and old age.
Chickens are terrific and the eggs you get will be the best tasting eggs you've ever had!

Good luck


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we have chickens too, they are easy and cheap to keep, lurvely eggs (ours freerange) - great for a low carb dieter! and such great characters, very nosey and sociable, can't imagine not having them!
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Hi I have 2 hens did have 3 but one passed away on thursday. They are ex batts and I have had them a year. They are brill. I could watch them for hours best 'pet' I have ever had as they are the pet that gives back.
They are very intelligent and I wish people would give them more thought when buying their battery cheap eggs. I have watched mine tag team together to stand on the wire fence I had to get to our side of the garden. one would stand on the wire to push it down then the other 2 would come over then the last one walk over. It was so funny.
Yay, bought 7 hybrids, then added 7 exbats from the good folks at the BHWT, moved to smaller house so gave my parents four and the cockerel, after moving one died so i now have 8 running around in the garden, kids love them, the ex bats are very relaxed. My springer spaniel is great friends with them all and they all hang out no proble. Going to miss the eggs the next few months whilst on LL.
I had half a dozen rescued ex battery hens, they have dwindled down to just one left at the mo but we are expecting another batch soon. They make wonderful pets and soon become very tame. My kids love digging for worms with them and our cat and dogs have never bothered trying to chase/eat them,lol. I have a very naughty Jack Russell that I thought might be a problem but she just isnt bothered. My St Bernard is too dim to even contemplate a chase! Great pets, deffo recommended!
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My mum has chickens. I looked after them a few times while she has been away. I love them :)

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