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  1. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Hi there

    Hope it's ok to jump right in and create my own diary!

    It's been 3 years since I used this site. At that point I got to target with SW but similar to many others, now find myself in the position of having to lose it all again.

    How did I get back to this stage? A very stressful managment position, a back injury and a long commute on top of the day to day juggles of being a working mum! Complacency crept in, stressful days led to more frequent take-aways and bottles of wine, extended periods of inactivity, et voila, here I starting out on the journey again!

    This time around, I'm going hardcore with CWP. Never thought I could entertain a VLCD but after ordering a raft of clothes from Very last weekend (for NYE) and looking like a sausage bursting out of its skin in every one, the switch was flicked and I booked in with a local CDC the very next morning.

    I have 2st 3 to lose to get down to 11st 7, which for me is a comfortable size 12 and the top end of a healthy BMI.

    Day 6 today and so far so good. Other than the occasional hunger pangs, I've been quite lucky so far with no notable side effects.

    Love the products which helps! Cookies and Cream shake is a favourite, as is the lemon bars and the tetras. The only thing I forced down was the maple and pecan porridge, bleurgh!

    My CDC is having an operation so I have an age to wait before WI. Of course, there will (and already has been) plenty of unofficial WIs and so far so good!

    Wish me luck!
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  3. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Hi! Welcome and good luck!! I am on day 40 and have a diary on here which I think really helps.

    Like you I never thought I could do a vlcd or even think about not eating food but I am so glad I took the plunge! 31lbs down and feeling great!!

    Well done on completing your first week tomorrow, keep us posted on your progress! X
  4. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Hey Rachel

    Thanks for commenting. You are doing amazingly well - all since bonfire night? Wow, that doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago! You look lovely in your avatar, all bronzed and happy :)

    I had a 'treat' last night - a glass of iced Coke Zero. My CDC had said only resort to it if I get desperate. I'd read up and come to my own conclusion that the worst that could happen is I get hunger pangs and binge... well thankfully I'm in the zone and nothing is going to pass my lips in the near future unless it's got CWP slapped around it!

    Up until a week ago, diet coke was my drug of choice. I would never have more than 3 cans a day, generally 2, but I couldn't get through the day without them so I am surprised how easily I've been able to kick the habit. I thought the Coke Zero might feel like a nice treat but it tasted a bit weird - not like Diet Coke - and I did get the pangs - so I'm not sure I had any enjoyment from it. Good to know it's there if I need *something* though but I can't see myself glugging it down regularly.

    Stayed in bed til 9.30am this morning which was nice. Had a black coffee, glass of water and banana tetra so feeling suitably full :) Also took a couple of paracetamol as I feel a bit groggy. Unsure whether I had enough coffee yesterday (only 2 rather than the usual 5-6 pre CD) that combined with the reduction in Diet Coke could be giving me caffiene withdrawal. Or it could be that day 7 is my 'bad day'. Or DH has had man flu so perhaps I could be picking up something from him. Either way, it's all good and I'm looking forward to a nice family day today - off to a Xmas wonderland today so lunch will be a peanut bar and I might knock myself out with a chilli soup for tea! Snacks will be water, fizzy water and the odd black coffee. I sure know how to live!
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  5. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

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  6. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Hello! Jumping into your thread to follow your journey. As you know from reading my nonsense, I was successful on CD so am happy to advise/support wherever I can. Just so long as you don't expect any 'hugz' we'll be good :D

    I looked at your photos and agree - 11 stone 7 looks like a great weight for you. And no, your recent pic is not awful at all. Yes, you're a little bit overweight but you do not look as big as you seem to imagine you do. And anyway, if you go hardcore with CD and get in the zone, you'll be back to slim in no time. 8 weeks and you're done! I also have a theory < my own personal one! > that 8 weeks is about all you can do on CD anyway before you've not only lost weight but also the will to live. I became unwell in my 8th week and it was time for me to stop, which was fine as I'd lost my two stone by then.

    I drank Coke Zero most days - just the one can. It had no bearing on my losses.

    Anyway, I'll stop waffling! loads of luck. GO GO GO < waves pom poms >
  7. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    You look lovely in both pics but I'm sure you feel heaps better at 11 and a half stone, I can't wait to get there!! I can't believe how quick the weight is coming off and it really does keep you motivated!

    I've been doing SS+ so have a small meal each day but my losses have still been good so far. Haven't had any coke zero but may have some over Xmas as I plan to stick to plan and I could have that as a little treat...

    I imagine the headaches are related to all the big changes you are making, just make sure you drink about 3l of water every day as I have found that has really helped me.

    Keep us up to date x
  8. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Thanks for the best wishes! No hugz required :)

    I think 8 weeks is a good benchmark to aim for and I'm 1 down already without too much drama. Dare I say it, it's been relatively easy! I'm clinging on to this whilst it lasts though as I am sure it will get tough at some point.

    Rachel - you're sticking to plan on Xmas day? I'm undecided how to tackle it yet. The main 3 events are Xmas do next Fri, Xmas day and NYE. I'm contemplating what action to take but one thing is for sure, it will be planned out very well and I will be in control. I'm sure of that. If I choose to have my Xmas dinner (think I'm heading this way) it will not be a mountain of food stacked on my plate and I will cut right down on the carbs. I'm aware this might put me back slightly but I'm fine with that.

    I've amazed myself tonight. We stayed later than planned at the Christmas wonderland meaning DH and DS were hungry and wanted to get fish and chips. I drove whilst they munched on fish and chips all the way home (40 mins). My little car was just crammed full of the most wonderous vapours - salty, vinegary goodness! But I was not even 0.01% tempted to have a nibble. I love challenges like this; it makes me realise how strong I can be when I put my mind to it.

    I've had my chilli soup which smelt fab. Nice to have a bit of a different flavour to add variety though I wasn't mad keen on the 'bits'. What are they? Now the peanut crunch bar, my God, that feels like a proper treat! Already looking forward to having one for my lunch tomorrow!
  9. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Another day almost down.

    Had some more Coke Zero today which helped pass the afternoon. Busy days really help this diet, that's for sure! I'm a little worried about what I'll do with 2 weeks off work!

    Choc tetra for brekkie, heavenly peanut bar for lunch (I would eat these even if I wasn't on CD!), choc orange shake for tea which I had warm. It was ok, tasted just like Options hot choc but think I prefer them cold.

    Not had enough water today so need to up it a bit before bed time.

    It's coming up to the point that I need to think about my Xmas do on Friday. I need to bring myself out of Ketosis as I want to drink but don't want to be ill. I think I might have something small and nibbly at the team meeting on Thurs along side my products, then I will eat my Xmas meal on Friday but limit the carbs. I plan to just drink gin and s/l tonic and alternate with sparkling waters.

    I'm not going to have breakfast at the hotel, instead I will pack a tetra and get straight back on it, hopefully without too much damage.

    That will be one event out of the way and hopefully if I tackle each further one (family meal in pub 23rd (not drinking), Xmas day (not drinking), night out in Leeds at Fazendas on NYE (will be drinking!) with such control then I can still head to my first WI on 31st Dec with a significant loss.

    Without wishing my life away, I'll be happy on Jan 1st when it's a clear run of easy weeks without these pesky social events getting in the way :)
  10. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Hiya! Well done on week one completed! I am still slightly undecided about Xmas day but I am leaning more towards staying on plan, just don't want to lose momentum and the right frame of mind I am in. Might have turkey and veg at lunch and make that my meal for the day and have a coke zero treat! Will make sure I have a bar that day too for a choccy treat! Works Xmas meal this Thursday and I am having soup to.start and.then turkey (will give all the carbs and fats away) so should be and will log everything on my fitness pal as have started using to get me used to doing it. Meal out NY and I will come off plan for this but probably still won't drink!

    Keep up the fab work!
  11. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    I've downloaded the MFP app, it looks good! Don't see any point using it just now whilst on SS but I do think it will be a great tool once I'm eating again.

    I'm hungry today. Had my strawberry tetra, lemon bar and leek and potato soup. Had loads of water today and just the one black coffee; I'm surprised I'm not craving caffeine more having gone from 5-6 coffees + 2-3 cans of diet coke a day just over a week ago! I'm really feeling the cold as well, which I know is to be expected.

    I think I probably would have had a boost had I have been weighed. I'm using my scales but it isn't the same as getting it recorded officially and as such I haven't really had any reward yet for 9 days of not eating. My CDC is having a partial hysterectomy so nothing I can do about it. I'm all stocked up with products until 31/12/12.

    I'm not tempted to cheat so I'm fine. Just tired, cold and ready for a break from work I think :)

    Things to look forward to:

    1. Going to Center Parcs in Feb and seeing friends we haven't seen since Oct
    2. Being able to go into Zara and not scramble to the back of the rail in the hope they have an XL
    3. Having more energy of a weekend to do things with the family... rather than just wanting to be a hermit
    4. Getting weighed on NYE and hopefully starting 2013 in the 12 stones rather than the 13s

    Onwards and downwards :)
  12. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    God it must be hard not getting weighed yet but if you stick to it 100% just think how amazing it'll feel on NY for your first weigh! You'll do amazing!!!

    I brought a new dress for NY, three sizes smaller when I was at my biggest, head over to my diary and I've posted a pic! Long way to go but such a good feeling to get into smaller clothes! You'll be doing it in no time!!

    Hope you are.feeling better soon. In my first week I felt like that but from second onwards I've.felt great so I'm sure you'll feel better soon, just keep up the water! X
  13. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Thanks Rachel. Your diary is on my list to read tonight, from start to finish :)
  14. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Thanks for reading it and commenting. I love coming on here and catching up with everyone is doing and braindumping my thoughts too!
  15. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    I agree Rachel, I look forward to logging in of an evening :)

    Had an IOSH exam at work today so that kepy me busy. Enjoyed the mint crunch bar which I had for lunch after my choc tetra for brekkie. Tea was a butterscoth shake which tasted yummy (just like runny Angel Delight!) but for some reason, didn't blend as well as the others so it had a few lumps :eek:

    Might have to have some Coke Zero tonight as my stomach feels a bit empty!

    Going by my scales, I reckon I've lost 10lbs in 10 days which is more than I ever could have wished for. I'm aware it's going to really slow down soon, especially given that there are a few events coming up but I'd be happy with a stone off by 31st which is my weigh in. Hopefully I should get another 4lb off in the next 11 days even with eating/drinking a couple of times.

    Speaking of which, I am planning to eat tomorrow at my meeting (everyone is bringing buffet food in). I don't have to eat here and would be fine munching on my bar BUT I am worried about going to my Xmas do on Fri night whilst still in ketosis as I do want to have a few drinks. I am having the meal at the do (veg soup, then turkey, veg and not much in the way of carbs) but I guess I'm not just going to immediately pop out of ketosis as soon as something passes my lips on Friday night. Ooh what a quandry! I don't want to eat unecessarily but I want to stay safe on Friday - HELP!
  16. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Oh be very careful re the drinking ! My advice ( ha! For what it is is worth ! ) would be to not do it. You've started, you've committed. This means sacrifices.

    If you read my diary you'll see I went out for a few drinks - think I had white wine. Man, I was so so sick. All over myself and the side of my bed. And I felt so ill that I just bloody lay there in it. Eek! I'd also pulled that night but let's gloss over that for now . It wasn't my best look.

    You're doing so well. Try and power through this. Sole sourcing is really hard to get back into if you come off it - although not impossible. It can just seem like climbing a mountain.

    Anyway you're probably best off ignoring anything I say right now as I'm in a tricky corner as you know : )
  17. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    I suppose what I'm clumsily saying is - if you possibly can , try and avoid dipping in and out of SS Ing . Start - stay strong - keep going - drink tonic water
  18. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Thanks for your advice, GG.

    After much consideration, I ate a little today. I'm in at under 800kcal including CD products and I was careful in my choices. I think I will be out of ketosis tomorrow so I will have my CD products for breakfast and lunch then turkey and veg tomorrow night at the do. I will have a few G&Ts but alternate with soda water.

    Saturday morning, I will be straight back on it, hopefully with minimal damage and that's 1 event out of the way. The next time I am drinking is NYE which I will approach similarly.

    I guess I thought that (for me), sitting at my Xmas do and not joining in would be worse than perhaps risking a couple of pounds and getting back into ketosis.

    I feel in control. A little guilty at eating and I can't say I particularly enjoyed what I ate but I did it to be sensible. I'm not going to get on the scales until Monday now in the hope that I can pull back any movement.

    GG, I'm in awe that you were so focused and able to stay on plan. You had a very straight road to your goal. Others still get to their destination but with perhaps a few curves in the road. Heck, reading diaries on here, some people seem to zig zag their way to goal! One thing is for sure, I will get to 11st 7lb, and possibly beyond. My drive and focus hasnot wavered.
  19. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Yes, for some reason I just got on with it. It's that mental 'click' I suppose. I'd had enough of being fat and not being able to wear what I wanted to wear and that was always a driving force for me. I REALLY wanted to wear belts and vests.. two things that are impossible when you're 15 stone - or at least, impossible for me!

    I did have a blip in week 2 though... I'd had a great first week, lost 8lbs I think, was very happy...came home from seeing my CDC and went on an eating rampage for 5 days. I have no idea why? Anyway, I got a grip of myself and just continued and here we are now. Navigating the difficulties of trying to maintain! I had a bad few days but feel in control again now thankfully.

    Good luck with the events coming up - with your mindset I'm sure you'll do great
  20. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Thanks GG. I remember you referring to your week 2 binge a couple of times. You did so well to pull back from that. Vests and belts are a good driving force! For me, belts are a godsend even at my biggest - I wear those stretchy waist belts over all my dresses to give the illusion of a slim waist at least!

    I'm just having a last glass of water before heading off to Meadowhall and then on to my xmas do. I've not been hungry today, despite yesterday and I am going to save my lunch bar til at late as possible this afternoon. There will be no Costa Coffe or Yo Sushi stops as there usually is when I go to Meadowhall! In fact, I'm hoping a good few hours hitting the shops, plus dancing tonight will burn off a few of the alcohol and turkey and veg cals I consume. I was 12st 13 on the scales yesterday and if I can get to 12st 12 by Monday despite my party, I'll be chuffed. Then it will only be 1 week until my official first weigh in, can't wait for that!

    Oh, did I mention I'm off work now until 7th Jan. Trying to make plans to do stuff with friends/kids to keep busy and keep distracted from all the Xmas food around :)
  21. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Well, I survived my Christmas do!

    As planned, I just had the soup, turkey carrots and cauli with a smidgen of gravy. I did mix my drinks and I did puke on Saturday but nothing worse than usual after a night on the lash :p I must have danced off a fair few hundred cals and got straight back on it the next morning when I forced my choc tetra down as everyone else tucked into the hotel breakfast. I did only manage 2 products yesterday as I was so hungover.

    Today was event number 2 - family meal and then panto. I had goats cheese and beetroot chutney (left the toasted base it came on), then turkey and carrots (again!). Gave away my yorkshire pud, stuffing, pigs in blankets and asked for no potatoes so happy with how I did there. Drank 3 sparkling waters and had a black coffee and Coke Zero at the panto. Along with my CD porridge for breakfast and just had a lemon bar now, I don't think I did too badly.

    2 'events' down, 2 to go. Xmas day and NYE. Then it will be a clear run to slimness!

    I'm hoping the scales will be quite forgiving tomorrow. Ideally I would like to be 12st12 but I don't know if that is wishful thinking (to have lost a pound since Thursday whilst eating and drinking).

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