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Child Tax credits question

big bear

A bear on a mission!
As some of you work for the benefits office not sure if it's this benefit or if you can help.

My wee boy is 18mths old and before he turned 1 we got under £100 a month for his tax credit but since then it's been halved.

The thing is last year I was on maternity from my job till August, I then got made redundant and signed on until beginning of December when I started back to work again part time. Surely I'd be entitled to more?

How can I appeal or see if the calculation is wrong?

Should I not be entitled to Working Tax Credit also?

My husband doesn't earn loads under £24K...

My friend who has 1 child and earns over £30K and her husband earns over £25K gets alot more than us.

I know each case is different but I can't help but think it's wrong..

Anyone help or give any advice...is there a certain amount that you earn that cuts tax credits...they really confuse me.
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Hi Hun i cant help alot but i was told you have to earning under £16,000 to get working taxcredit so as your husband is earning more than that you are not entitled to that. I think if you have a income over £20,000 apparently your husband can support the family on that!! Im in the same position, my partner earns £21,500 and when i go back to work part-time i will be on £9,000. We will get when sophie turns one in october £40 a month! If i was to give up work we would be entitled to £200 a month, still not a lot but like i said they see that my partner should be able to support us...

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks Emma, you seem to be in a very similar situation.

I'm also preggers so it's due in October maybe it'll go up again slightly that's if the PM doesn't cut CTC. :D
I would ring them and just ask them to check to figs or tell you why it reduced-sometimes its related to the age of the child,but that doesnt seem to fit in your case as he/she ( sorry !!) is so young.

My hubbys wage is more than you mention,and my wage is a pittance and for our 2 girls we get £42 a month-the last review form we had said we were still entitiled as long as we didnt expect to earn more than £75 this year-i wish !!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks - they said that because he'd turned 1 the baby element of CTC was reduced.

I'm going to call them to double check everything..

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