Chinese Buffet!

Princess Sausage

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Well, in all honesty, I would have a fruit salad breakfast, couple of eggs and nimble at lunch and have exactly what I wanted at the buffet. If I am out and deny myself I usually eat lots the next day and overall feel I would have been better enjoying my treat out. Thats what I do and what works for me. We are out tomorrow for my nephews birthday, it's an american diner so pretty impossible so I will eat carefull tomorow during the day and enjoy my eve treat and it's one naughty meal and 20 good ones over the week!
Thanks for the reply - I just wondered if there was anything that wasn't going to completely wreck my diet, but I guess a Chinese buffet really isn't the best thing to go to if you want to lose weight!


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I've heard the clear soups are good to start with?
Maybe something like a noodle dish with various veg?

Personally, I would do what Princess said ^
Enjoy the meal! :)


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i would have a flexi syn day and have the soup and go for the noodle dishes, boiled rice, chow mein etc, even the beef/chicken with mushrooms, things like that, keep away from the things in batter, as they will be the worst for you, enjoy yourself though. x


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Awwwww but the battered items are the best!!!


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Avoid prawn toast at all costs!!

Just cos it's lethal - I can't just have one piece! It is quite high-Syn though :(


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Black Bean and Oyster sauces are fairly low in syns, as are chow meins and plain rices, but I'd do what everyone else says and just enjoy it, otherwise there's not much point going!!