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Chinese restaurant...


has started again!!
My god son is 18 soon, and we as a family have been invited to join him for a meal at a local Chinese sit down restaurant on 5th June.

Will this be impossible to manage? I can take the car, hence no drink, but the food thing is already worrying me. I have no WI next week, as our leader is not running any of her classes, I am guessing away for half term. So, I will have a two week gap between WI's with this meal in the middle!! I will be on week 4 by then, officially, although I am not sure what that means in food terms.

Any helpful hints would be really appreciated please. I did wonder about filling up on a plate of green veg or fat free homemade soup, before I went, to curb the hunger pangs and keep the willpower topped up!!

Thanks in advance. xx
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ok my tips for u are:
plan ahead, reduce ur calorie intake for that day and save up ur additional calories treat calories for the week.
Drink water or low cal drinks to help fill u up.
Go for dishes that are grilled steamed or baked (avoid fried or sauteed) - ask if u dont know how its cooked.
avoid the bread roll (approx 130 cals and doubled if u have butter on it.
select fruit for a starter or a light soup or just have the main meal if poss.
For dessert opt for sorbet, yoghurt or fresh fruit salad.
Go for dishes with sauces such as black bean, oyster or hoisin, opt for steamed or stri fried dishes.
Avoid prawn crackers, sweet and sour dishes and cashew nuts.
Try eating with chopsticks as it makes ur food last longer.

Most of all, dont worry if you do overindulge a little. Just cut back a few calories the next day and try to be more active.

AND enjoy your Godson's 18th birthday



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I would just cut back on the extra 200 calories you get and then enjoy it!

If you feel guilty afterwards, drink lots of water during the week and step up your exercise - its a special occasion!


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When I have a chinese, I opt for chop suey (it's loads of peppers, mushrooms, beansprouts, veg, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts) and you can add meat if you like. It's delicious and filling which is ideal! :D

Stay away from curries, anything deep fried, prawn crackers, egg fried rice :eek:

Have a lovely time and let us know how you get on :)


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Cant add anything else as all the posts have been brill!

Relax and enjoy; no point stressing over it as that can only lead to an attitude of Oh Well, what the Hell!!!! But, if you are stress free and prepared, you will be fine and I am sure you will enjoy it! At the end of the day, we still have to live and it is all about making choices and hopefully good ones MOST of the time! :)
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